Welcome to Page to Premiere!

March 16, 2010

Hello everyone!

My name is Kimmy and I’m the founder/coordinator of Page to Premiere, which is also known as P2P! This is a network site, focused on the fansites I am a part of that follow books as they become movies. I am the founder of the network, but this does not mean I am the sole owner of all the sites. Some of them I own, but many of them I also co-own, with many extremely talented people.

As this site grows, I’m hoping this blog will become a great source for all page to screen adaptations, since of course I can’t open a site for every single one! I’m already stressed out. ;) I’m also thinking I’ll have applications for people to be guest bloggers on a particular adaptation once we have more news, since I want you all to be able to get involved.

As the site gets set up I’ll add information on all the people who make this network happen, but until then, leave comments and have fun.

Pretty soon we’ll start having some great contests, so stay tuned!

Kimmy is a 22 year old nerdfighter and artist who is the founder and editor-in-chief of Page to Premiere. When she's not writing about books and movies here or on her Hunger Games site called Mockingjay.net, she loves creating original content at her magazine and production company JØLVIE, manically Tumblr-ing, eating sushi, drinking Thai iced tea, and being lazy with her cat Rue! She hopes to be a published author one day. You can follow her on Twitter at @kimmymary.

  • http://www.thehungergames.splinder.com EverJay

    YES! Amazing site, Kimmy :) And I’m the first to comment! YAY! Good luck with everything, guys :D :D

  • April

    Cool, the site is finally up. Looks cool and look forward to seeing what all is to come. :)

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    Woo! Looks good so far! :D

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    So excited for this! You’re amazing Kimmy!

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    Yay…site looks great!! Good job. Looking forward to frequent visits!!

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    Looks good! I love it!

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    You know how much I love it! great job Kimmy! <3

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    Woohoo! Really excited about the site and the new to come!

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    I LOVE THIS SITE :) You do an amazing job!

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    Looking great!!!! And EEEK is HGE Kimmy!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

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    love the site! Great Job

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    Awesome! The site looks great! Nice work! :)

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    This new site is simply incredible! It’s much easier to Navigate – and I adore how you just have to hit one of the page buttons to move to one of the Network sites – much more convenient.

    Sorry – gotta jump = wanna go peek at Mockingjay to see what is sup.


  • Andy

    The site looks great Kimmy (:
    & congrats all you have accomplished so far.

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    The site looks great!

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    WOOT! Excited x 10928129082 for this! :D Looks epically awesome so far!

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    Wow. I’m sooooo glad the site is finally up, congrats!!! I’m only am expecting the best, as usual, from Page to Premiere. Thanks for this awesome site where book lovers and movie goers can all come to chat and get the latest info.

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    wow, new set-up is looking awesome! :D
    glad you finally got it up and running! :)

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    the set up is soo nice!!! Congrats =)

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    been there since the first post on facebook! love following up with you about all these great books coming out on the big screen! great job and keep up the awesome work!

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    Site looks awesome!

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    Love it Kimmy! All the best fansites in one place!

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