Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures, Beautiful Darkness

Margaret Stohl/Kami Garcia

Continuing the introductions, I am Zane and I am the new Beautiful Creatures reporter for Page to Premiere. Beautiful Creatures was optioned by Warner Bros. the very day it released back in December 2009. The movie is tentatively expected to be released some time in 2011.  The book’s sequel, Beautiful Darkness, releases on October 12, 2010. If you would like to leave some questions or discussions you would like to have about Beautiful Creatures, please do so in the comments. I am looking forward to reporting any and all news for you as soon as humanly possible. Maybe even sooner.

You can find me on Twitter at CatcherGoneAwry.

For the comments:   Only 96 days until the release of Beautiful Darkness. Have you pre-ordered it yet?

Zane is a 23 year old Political Science and Sociology graduate of Auburn University. He is passionate/obsessive about video games, Young Adult novels, and football. War Eagle and DFTBA.

  • Mel C.

    I have not read this book yet, but I am excited for this movie. This series has gotten great reviews. I’m looking forward to reading it and seeing the movie come along.

  • April

    I’m really looking forward to both the sequel and the movie. Beautiful Creatures was really good.

  • soulfulll

    Hey Zane, I’d just like to say congrats on the new post. I hope to see lots of exciting things pertaining to the caster chronicles :)

  • Georgie

    Already plans for a movie?! Wow! I’m gonna need to read it again, I liked it, but I wasn’t expecting a sequel so I dunno…

    And P.S. LOVE your name, Zane!

  • josie

    o i love theses books

  • Karly

    I need to get beautiful darkness right now,and I can’t wait for the movie! is so exciting :D