Disney Gets A Set of “Wings”

July 8, 2010

I’m Rachel, your new Page to Premiere Reporter on anything and everything about the extremely popular book Wings, by Aprilynne Pike, which is headed to the big screen! To be one of the first fans to hear about news, follow me on my twitter here.

Now, for your Wings Report.

The goods news is that rights have been sold, and to quite the company: Disney.

The bad news is that there hasn’t been a whole lot of information released.

What has been released is that Disney acquired the rights to Wings, with Marty Bowen and Wick Godfrey from Temple Hill Productions producing the anticipated film, which is said to enter theaters in 2011. It has also been rumored that Tish Cyrus will be the executive producer.

Last, but simply not least, is who has been selected to play the faerie protagonist, Laurel: Singer/Actress Miley Cyrus, aka Hannah Montana.

In Wings, Laurel is a teenage girl who finds out that she isn’t like the people around her; she has wings, which mean she’s a faerie. I won’t say much else, because then I would be spoiling it for those of you who haven’t already the fantastic novel.

Leave a comment telling me how you feel about the movie. Is Miley Cyrus right for the part of Laurel? Who should play David and Tamani? Let me know!

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  • Alison

    I’ve heard that Disney picked up the movie ! As much as I love Disney, I don’t know how well of a job they’ll do on this. And I LOVE Miley Cyrus. But I don’t see her as Laurel. Oh well. Let’s just see what happens !

  • Felicia

    I’m super excited & honestly, before I read the book, I knew Miley Cyrus was going to be Laurel. So as I read the book, I imagined her as the character.
    At first I thought Miley was completely out of Disney but I guess she’s still attached. Can’t wait for the movie!

  • renee

    Laurel could be Sara Paxton!!!!

  • Anny

    I personaly believe Miley isnt right for the part. She isnt innocent enough. When I pictured laurel I saw her as someone more like Taylor Swift.But since Disney picked up this movie, someone like Selena Gomez would work alot better for the part than Miley. Then again I simply dont like Miley. In my opinion she already ruined The Last Song and I know for a fact she will do the same for this Wings. I for one will not be looking forward to the movie.

  • Samara

    I like Miley, but I don’t think she fits the role of Laurel, that and when we all know her as Hannah Montana and that just doesn’t fit in the picture I had for Laurel.

  • mfan

    Laurel is a strong character that can stand up for herself. Sounds like Miley is right for the part to me. I’m hoping it will come out by Christmas 2011.

  • Sara Lee

    As much as I enjoy watching Hannah Montana, I don’t think Miley is the right person to be Laurel. My vision is that Laurel must be more innocent and Miley just doesn’t have that, wich doesn’t mean I don’t like her. But I don’t think she will pull it off if she plays Laurel. I hope Disney will choose someone else.

  • cici

    i dont like miley. ok, hannah montana is fun, but actually miley isnt a good actor. shes one of the poor children that became to much money and to much fame, so shes in my opinion a arrogant person. well, it´s not her fault, but i think so. im interested in how she will play laurel, but shes not the right actor. sorry, but shes actually to burly and not so dainty as laurel in the book.

  • wings

    I don´t like Miley Cyrus. I can´t believe that Miley play Laurel. I think she ruined the movie. It´s a Disney movie, right? They should be playing Selena Gomez Laurel. She is so much better as Laurel. And not Miley. Well, she isn´t blonde but what does that matter?? Miley isn´t the right actor.

  • Rima

    Look, I like disney, & I like Miley, BUT I LOVE WINGS! I only found out about wings because I heard miley would be in the movie. This is when news 1st spread. Once finding out what it’s about I fall in love with it. (can’t wait 4 book 4) But miley can’t be laurel. My laurel is eligant, beautifully soft to look at blonde hair. Lovely skin, all that. But Miley’s none, (no offense). As long as someone fits this describtion for Laurel, then they can play her. I hope someone hot plays David & Tamani. I’m torn between the 2!

  • David&Tamani

    Agreed! Tamani & David r both chooseable. But miley & selena aren’t the right people!

  • Cynthia

    I dont think miley should play the part of laurel i think that someone like selena gomez or taylor swift…someone more innocent! And david better be hot……………And tamani hotter!!! :P

  • Cynthia

    and i dont think diseny should be the producers of this movie BTW it better be as good as the books… they made me cry!!! :) <3

  • Kathaka

    I am normaly fond of Disney movies but if miley plays Laurel I’ll still watch but miley seriously? She’s to old they need a teen someone who teens can relate to. I picture Laurel as a preaty blonde with blue eyes, straight hair and elegant and just like one of us. Mileys a cleb she’ll ruin it she isn’t good and she ain’t no blonde either hear all the
    Miley haters she plays the part say goodbye to the spells movie. Just saying David and tam should be hot and when reading I always picture david as a brunett

  • Anonymous

    I think Taylor Swift or Dakota Fanning would fit much better. Why Miley Cyrus? She DONT fit to Laurel. Has Disney no imagination power?
    Im from Germany, so sorry if my english is a little bit strange ;D

  • Aimée

    Yeah of course. haha. :D
    Miley is simply not the right actress to play Laurel. There are many many girls who would fit better in this role. And Miley and Disney? Honestly. I can´t believe that Disney wanna keep on working with her. I´m sure they wanna get rid of her after all her scandals. She´s not any longer innocent Hannah Monatana. So I think Disney wouldn´t/shouldn´t pick her and keep on working with her. Otherwise they might get destroy their image…

  • caitlin

    i think tamani should be played by the dude from journey to the centre of the earth and journey 2 the mysterious island

    laurel should be played by emma roberts

    david should be played by ben barnes

    shar should be played by david henrie

    chelsea maybe selena gomez

  • Anonym

    I think that’s a bad decision! Miley Cyrus as Laurel?? she don’t fit very well !
    I hope Disney will choose someone else.
    Just saying David should played by David Henrie (because in the book he were brunett) or by Alex Pettyfer.

  • Nicole

    Miley is terrible as the part of Laurel… I totally agree with the Sarah Paxton or Emma Roberts comments… Or even Taylor Swift! She would be perfect!!! I pictured someone like a Drake Bell equivalent for Tamani! Or maybe Zac Efron! And a kind nerdy looking guy for David! :)

  • Ellana George

    zac efron should so play tam, im not a big zacy fan but he would suit the part so well and miley will not suit larel she’s a good actor but she won’t suit larel i have read all the books so i know the characters inside out lol
    some nerdy strong guy would suit david

  • Selina

    Laurel = Emma Roberts !!!!!
    Tamani = Ben Barnes !!!!!
    David = Zac Efron !!

  • selena

    Hey!(; my opinion is that miley cant play laurel! It dont proposal is the following:

    Laurel: dakota fanning,candice accola
    Tamani: Ian Sommerhalder,Zac afron,Steven r mcqueen
    David:zach roerig
    shar:matt Davis,daniel-gillies
    cheasla:Nina dobrev
    klea:lauren cohan

    (the Most of them are actors in the vampire diaries)
    sorry for my bad english im from germany (;

  • jade

    Laurel: sara padox ,Astrid Berges,cariba heine
    cheasla:Emma watson,phobe tonkin
    tamani: Jackson rathbone
    klea: Katie mcgrath

  • salina

    Laurel –
    Emma Roberts / Astrid Berges
    Tamani –
    Ben Barnes / Ian Sommerhalder
    David –
    Zac Efron / Josh Hutcherson
    Shar –
    Matt Davis / Joseph Morgan
    Chelsea –
    Candice Accola
    Klea –
    Lauren Cohan

    I’m from Germany so my English is very bad, but I think Miley Cyrus can’t play Laurel !!!!!
    because laurel is sweet and innocent, and nothing against miley but she is not.
    Tamani would have a sexy actor !!!
    David should have a handsome actor

    I hope my english is not too bad and my suggestions you liked :)

  • zina

    laurel -> emma roberts !! she is perfect for laurel :*
    tamani -> ben barnes !! he is very sexy :*
    david -> josh hutcherson ! he is also very good ;)

    xoxo :***

  • Zora :**

    hey girls :**
    i have read your proposals and i think some are very good (: for example Emma Roberts should played Laurel !! thats PERFECT, really ! **: and i think Ben Barnes is also PERFECT for Tamani ! **:
    because Emma Roberts is young and beautiful -> like Laurel ♥
    and Ben Barnes has hair like Tamani and how many have already said, he is sexy as I or we imagine Tamani. ♥

  • meredith

    laurel -> emma roberts ♥ !!!!
    tamani -> ben barnes ♥ !!!
    david -> david henry ♥ !

  • nobody

    tamani: Douglas Booth

  • nobody

    laurel:sara padox
    david:zac efron
    tamani:douglas booth

  • saphira

    laurel: sara padox

  • bell

    laurel:sara padox
    david:zac efron
    tamani:douglas booth

    i love them soooooooo much!!!!!

  • Star

    Laurel: sara padox<3 <3
    David: callan mcaullife <3 <3
    Tamani: josh hutcherson <3 <3
    Chelsea: anna kendrick <3 <3
    I LOVE them all!!! sara is just right for laurel!!! I LOVE josh as peeta in The Hunger Games!!!! so I think he would b just right as Tamani!!!! callan< i love him as bryce in flipped!!! he"s just right for david!!! And i LOVE anna in twilight as bella friend!! how she acts is perfect for the role of chelsea!!!!!!!