GONE Series Movie “In the works”

July 7, 2010

The first book in the GONE Series

According to HIRAC DELEST as of August 2009, Michael Grant has confirmed that there has been a lot of talk about a movie or TV series about his novels (the GONE Series: GONE, HUNGER, and LIES). Grant, who was co-writer of the late 90′s hit TV series Animorphs, says that many people are interested in the project, but the search for investors seems to be the big issue. He has promised to keep fans posted via Twitter (http://twitter.com/thefayz).

If you haven’t read/heard about GONE, click here to see a trailer for the first book GONE, or here to see a trailer for the third book LIES (it sums up the first 3 books nicely, without giving too much away). Both videos were created by HarperTeen.

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  • Georgie

    I think Michael has said that a tv show would be most likely. That’s what I would prefer. That way it could get every little thing onto the screen without making multiple movies.

  • http://www.hiracdelest.com Issam

    Hi, thanks for the link back to my blog post. But I just wanted to clarify that the site name is HIRAC DELEST. The full site (attached with the blog) can be seen at http://www.hiracdelest.com/status.htm

  • lilabooluvr

    it would be a good movie or tv show they just can’t mess up the special effects or the characters

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  • Ebele

    I would absolutely LOVE a movie. I think a series would really just drag on and no big secrets would really come out until the first season ends. Im currently on the 1st book and I’m hooked!!! But if a movie really might be coming out, i hope they don’t change ANYTHING!!! I mean, let’s be realistic, not word for word, but the major events shouldn’t reaaly be tampered with, and even some smaller events. I want the movie to take off lik Harry Potter and Twilight did (and still are). Not like Percy Jackson did and almost everyone hated the way they completely changed it from the book. All of those are GREAT book series and should remain GREAT when they make it to the big screen! :)

  • Marina

    OMG!!! i am addicticed to these books! I would be at the first showing at midnight to see is! I think it would also be pretty cool as a tv series too. I am SOOOOO telling all of my friends tomorrow because when i read it, i told them that they had to read the book. They will probably be excited.
    Well, I will have to give some good luck to Micheal Grant. Oh, and by the way, let me know it you need any help getting it produced. That would be awesome. And i really like to write a lot.

  • Marina

    P.S- PLEASE try to make sam play the guy from the cover of the book. He is SO hot. <3 :)

  • Anonymous

    I am in love with this series!! i would love for it to become a movie not a tv series like someone said it would just drag on too long and what if it gets canceled. a movie is waayyy better you could get a bigger fan base. I too hope sam is played by the guy on the cover or Codley Linley

  • Alex

    I think a t.v. series would be better, because then we could see the whole book. Also because then it wouldn’t be over in two hours, it would keep going and going. The book has all the values of a t.v. series like all of its suspense and the different points of view that you see a lot of in t.v. series. I think it would just not make it as far as a movie because then there will be multible movies and they will be forced to leave out somethings and i want every detail if not more which would be accomplished easier in a t.v. series.

  • Alex

    The guy from the cover probably isn’t a good actor, probably just a model or something. Plus he looks really constipated lol. no offense.

  • Steel

    I just finished the last book “Plague” and it was great. I think that if this series were to be made into a movie it would be great. But if they try and squeeze all the books into one movie it would take out important information and the movie wouldn’t be as good.

  • leo

    i would love it to be all five books(for thoughs who dont know, there is another book named fear coming out in april) i hope that this goes through. i was so disapointed in the percy jackson movie, so hopefully it turns out to be good and not a train wreck worse than madona. i love the books so better be good thanks. hasta la pasta!!!B-)

  • Anonymous

    I love the series. I don’t care if it’s movie or series but I think Sam should totally be played by Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl. Fingers crossed it will be made into something :)

  • Anonymous

    Logan Lerman for Quinn ;)

  • shay

    I think a GONE series would be much better also, cause then we will have something to look forward to evey week ! BTW, I LOVE the GONE series!!!

  • adrian

    PLEASE MAKE A MOVIE….. BETTER YET MOVIE SERIES!!! the books are amazing and right now am on plague…. i couldnt get it for a while so ya….. any ya i would love a movie tht didnt change much from the book

  • Lindsey

    I would absolutely love for the series to be made into either multiple movies or into a t.v. show.(For those of you that don’t know a sixth book called Light is being made and it’s going to end the series). I’ve read the 5 books and I think they’re incredible! If a movie were to be made it had better be good and follow closely to the book. A t.v. show would work well too because audiences would have something to look forward to each week. Either way, whatever is made I hope it does the books justice. :D

  • Donna

    Just finished Fear yesterday. Yes….I was wondering if there was going to be another book. Thank you Lindsey. I let my imagine end the story but to keep the story going in another book is so much better. Oh yea definite movie – if the industry can make a movie of vampires and werewolves, then most definite the “GONE SERIES”. The true struggle of mankind between good and evil. I originally bought the series for my son (its so hard to find books for boys) and started reading it and fell in love with the series. Bring it to the screen and leave absolutely NOTHING out!

  • I

    DO NOT DO A TV SHOW! that would be like haveing a tv show 4 twilight. no. that is not right! u should ABSOLUTLEY do a movie tho!

  • Anonymous

    I think it should be a tv show. that way they can have everything from the books. if it were a movie they would take things out, and you cant do that with these books

  • sherly

    i am OBSESSED with the gone series and i would faint if there was a movie coming out! i was very excited to hear that there may be a movie and that there is another and final book to the gone series-light-that will be coming out in march of 2013!!
    well, for the movie, i do agree 100% that sam on the cover should play sam in the movie as for the fact that he is EXTREMELY sexy! and that logan lerman should indeed play caine! that would be the best movie in the whole WORLD! and i would pay 1 000 000 000 $ to watch the movie! :)

  • kk

    i think a tv show would be best to fit every detail into it. the books were really good so i think a show would help it become a lot more popular

  • Sam

    I love this series I think it would be an amazing movie! Did you say 2013? Because that is when Maximum ride series movie comes out! O hey that reminds me the last book is in august. I love that series this series and of coarse maze runner! Anyone ever herd of those books? If you haven’t GO READ THEM NOW! This isn’t a suggestion, just read them!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE these books amazing so good I read one in about a day

  • Anonymous

    i am in love with these books!! I think a tv series would be best. These are long books with a lot of detail. Also you’ve written a tv series before and a tv show would keep people coming, but you will have to make it exciting. I know I would totally watch it :)

  • Marlissa Rosier


  • Anonymous

    I think making a movie would take away from the books. And who want that

  • Jordan Sigmund

    LUV IT!

  • Rebecca

    I agree! The kid who is Sam on the cover is sooooo hot! He needs to be Sam in the movies!

  • J

    I rememer first reading the summary of Gone and getting hooked instantly. I’m finally going to read Fear today, I’m shaking with anticipation. Wanna try BZRK soon. I think the guy from I Am Number 4 should be Sam, girl on cover Astrid, girl and boy on cover for Diana and Cain. As for Drake, for some reason I keep imagining Taylor L. from when he was Sharkboy, just a lot meaner. XD

  • annoymos

    I really want to be Mary. I fit her profile completely. I have dark red hair with some blond on top and a ton of people think I look a little like emma stone. Plus I am the right age…..

  • karla

    Oh I loved the Gone series! I finished every book so far in a month and I’m hooked can’t wait until Light. oh i suggest that the Gone series be put in a movie because a TV series wouldn’t make sense at least to me. I also if its not too much to ask I would like to play the part of Lana please I have dark brown hair and 14! I hope you please take my suggestion! :D

  • karla

    Oh I loved the Gone series! I finished every book so far in a month and I’m hooked can’t wait until Light. oh i suggest that the Gone series be put in a movie because a TV series wouldn’t make sense at least to me. I also if its not too much to ask I would like to play the part of Lana please I have dark brown hair and 14! I hope you please take my suggestion! :D

  • Cassia

    Please don’t make a movie OR a tv show… It’d be like The Hunger Games 2.0 and tbh I like having not as many people know about this series.

  • Adam

    It would be great to see the Gone books made into films, As as a UK citizen i would really hope Michael Grant finds fame in the Film industry, I would prefer tpo see it made into a series of films as it would be more complete. Also if it was decided that it would be made into a TV series i would have to weiht many months IF EVER for it to be streamed in the UK. I love the books and whatever is decided i would be thrilled to see the end product, I cant weight until Light is released next year!

  • Roman Jennings

    I think that if it is a movie that it should have the top notch technology in special effects. Special effects make the difference between a extremely good movie or an awful movie. A TV show would be able to get more details into it, but the effects probably wouldn’t be as good.
    I could be a good Caine or Drake. I have black hair, am 5′ 5″, 13 years old. I have no experience.

  • Roman Jennings

    P.S. I will be turning 14 on August 20, 2012.

  • TheFAYZTeam

    i think it should be a movie and they should start thinking about the project as it will be very popular and teens/children will not be able to wait for the next movie

  • Anonymous

    If there were a movie it would be awsome. I am fourteen and usually hate reading but my froend suggested these books a few days ago and in two days i have read the girst book gone and am over half way done with hunger.

  • zakzak

    when i read these book i usually wonder if the fayz really happened would we really turn against each other like that

  • Anonymous

    i love this best books ever

  • Anon Y. Mous

    Well first let me say, I’m 33 and addicted to the series. I really want my 11 year old son to read these. I would really love it a movie came out and see the characters in action. The movie would be my choice over a tv show because like someone mentioned, it could get cancelled and that would be more dissappointing than the unfinished Midnight Sun. Kudos to MG, he’s an excellent writer.

  • A

    I loooove this series and I totally agree with whoever said it should be a movie series!! I think that Diana, Britney and Quinn should be from the covers but I hate the Astrid from the cover. Is it a different model? I likes her on the first cover but not on the later ones.

  • Brooklyn

    Personally I think a miniseries with multiple seasons and relatively long (hour & a half-ish – two hour) episodes would work best. It wouldn’t drag everything out too much and it would allow for all the details of the books to be incorporated which, I think, is more important than the format in which the story is told.

  • stevie

    omg, these books are the bloody best. best books i have ever READ. its going to be so sad to read the last book, because it will be over, so really i dont care if its a movie or tv show just be something. because its to good not to be <3

  • Anonymous

    aww shit, the actors they’re thinking of look nothing like in the book!

  • Love Gone Series

    Hasn’t anyone learned yet… turning books into films RUINS them! Be realistic. Do you really think they’re going to make a TV series or film about children EATING each other and monsters eating their way out of children and coyotes pulling apart 2 year old toddlers? Just enjoy the books and use your own imagination.

  • http://gmail.com, mak

    i would love to be brianna that would be awsome im 12 turning 13 and i would fit the part perfectly please i adore this books cant wait plus i think it should be a movie

  • Ty

    There are benefits of both a tv show or a movie, but a tv show would probably be better only if to leave out less parts and double the suspense of cliffhangers oh yeah just a thought the guy who played Cato in the hunger games could play Caine, it just works.

  • lilly

    Riley Griffiths could play orc, elle fanning could play astrid, or peyton liz