The Host

The Host – Jogging, Casting and Excitement

July 12, 2010

In this interview from The Twilight Moms and Twilighters Anonymous Stephenie Meyer confirms a few things for us. Firstly, the rumor of Ian Somerholder already being cast is exactly that, a rumor. She confirms that no one has been cast for The Host Movie yet. By the sounds of things, we can confirm a few things in our minds, that there is at least a draft of the script, which has been done by Andrew Niccol, and that it is good.

We can also expect to wait for The Host because of how busy Stephenie is with Breaking Dawn and getting that right. We also know that she would still love to make a sequel to The Host (which excited me because I haven’t heard much about this happening since it was first released in 2008) but she doesn’t know if it’s going to be the next thing that she works on, but she knows what happens.

We also have the treat of knowing what is going to be happening in the start of the next book! It’s going to start with a scene of jogging….. who knows what that might mean, but it is so exciting! Don’t you think?

I think that it’s wonderful that Stephenie seems so excited to talk about The Host, it seems to be a good sign that the movie is coming along well. If she really wants to talk about The Host, I’m happy to talk to her about it for a few hours! :p. What do you all think? Who else is excited because of this new news? What do you think that the jogging scene means? What do you think happens in it?

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  • Margie

    *tries no to scream* A sequel! I’m so looking forward to it! Maybe the jogging scene could be a seeker chasing one of the rebels? Or… running to Doc ’cause there’s a big injury? xD I have so many ideas running through my head now! And I’m so happy that at least there is a draft of the script! Can’t wait for more news. (:

  • JBcarmen

    I love that there is going to be a movie but all I hear is a sequal to the book so exiceted :)

  • Michelle

    Who do you think should play who? I can’t see anyone but Kristen Prout as Wanda in my mind

  • Nita

    I knew it was a rumor that Ian was playing Ian.. But still yet, my heart shatters because it’s.. *whispers* a rumor.. He should be Ian.. Jensen Ackles is Jared up and down in my mind… I’m excited about the sequel! Jogging scene.. why am I destinctively reminded of the line about going jogging by the highway? I beleive it has *something* to do with that… *officially needs to read the host fo r the billionth time so I can remember that quote!*