The Host

Who should play Wanderer in The Host?

August 2, 2010

Who should play Wanderer in The Host? Now before you all start saying that Melanie hasn’t got blond hair, I’m talking about Wanderer in Pet’s body. I want to know what you all think about Kristen Prout? She was Amanda in Kyle XY and Lucy in Twilight. I personally LOVE her for Wanda. I think that she’s sweet, innocent, she looks almost soft and (having watched every episode of Kyle XY) she is a wonderful actress. So what do you all think? I think that she is perfect. Also let me know your opinions of who else should play Wanda or any other characters and I will include them in future casting suggestions!

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  • Mel C.

    Yeah, I could see her as Wanda/Pet. Is she short enough, though? I imagined her very tiny!

  • Nicole

    I think she wouldn’t good but I would love if Rachel McAdams played her. I think she’d be great

  • J.

    Yes, I’ve seen her in lots of fan videos. She has that innocence to her that Wanderer needs.

  • J.

    And I think Rachel mcadam is a way too established actress for that role. I’d prefer a new face. Plus, she’s supposed to play a teenager. Rachel does not really look like a teenager.

  • J.

    By the way the actress name is Kirsten Prout, not Amanda which is the name of her character in kyle xy
    Check imdb before writing stuff.

  • Victoria

    I love Taylor Spreitler as Wanda/Pet. She fits the description and I would have a hard time hating her face xD

  • Mikayla

    @J “I want to know what you all think about Kristen Prout? She was Amanda in Kyle XY and Lucy in Twilight.” She never said that Kristen’s name was Amanda, she said that she WAS Amanda in Kyle XY

  • jasmine

    yeah she would be a good wander at the end she is perfect

  • Wanda

    yea i think that she would be perfect for petal open to the moon

  • aimie

    i think she is absolutely PERFECT!!!!!