Sleeping Beauty

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Hailee Steinfeld to Play Sleeping Beauty

March 29, 2011

Hailee Steinfeld is reported to be attached to a spec script of classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty.

The script, by development executive-turned-screenwriter Lindsay Devlin, would retell the classic story entirely from Princess Aurora’s point of view. That is, instead of Aurora merely drifting into a deep coma and waiting for true love’s kiss to break the spell, she’ll now enter a hazardous “dream world” from which she must try to escape. The spec script is currently being shopped around every major Hollywood studio.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  • Numra

    Sounds interesting. Like sleeping beauty in a stronger female role

  • Maria Del Valle

    Hailee is so beautiful, the role suits her personality. Kudos!

  • Cassandra McBright

    Sleeping beauty is a classic fairytale and surely her face fits the character in the story. I hope she makes a good sleeping beauty.

  • Maria Del Valle

    She’s pretty enough to make a lovely sleeping beauty. Well if she can play the part really well is another question.

  • Alexandra Smith

    If you are a fan of these classic fairy tales, who plays the lead role only comes as secondary consideration. But admittedly, Hailee Steinfeld is one good choice to play the role.