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Summit Plans to Turn “Ender’s Game” Into a Youth-Orientated Franchise

May 9, 2011

Summit has acquired the rights to the movie and are planning to turn into a youth-oriented franchise and no surprise given the mammoth success of the “Twilight” series. Next month, foreign buyers will get a chance to take look at the project as Hood will give a visual presentation of what he has in store at the Cannes Film Festival. Things are moving along and plans are get this one rolling by early 2012.

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  • http://www.drzmoos.com Ethan

    Finally! Now begins the search for the genius who will play Ender! Can’t wait to see how everyone is portrayed.

  • Cynara

    Oh! This is fabulous! One of my favorite books of all-time… love the website! Every post is interesting! :D

  • Christin VanNorman

    I just finished reading this whole series last year….. they’re amazing and I’m so excited to see them being put into film soon!

    It says something about the quality of an author’s writing when they can take a story and create novel after novel about it and keep you wanting more even 5 or 10 books later. Anne Rice has been the only other author besides Orson Scott Card and JRRT that I can read their entire works of and be enveloped in every story.

    Yay for these books finally being put into film….. I can’t wait to see how they make Bean grow if they get beyond Ender’s Game :-)

  • leah

    “youth oriented” ? dear god please do not let that mean animated or less violent than it is. I want every scene between Ender and Peter. and the shower scene between Bonzo and Ender. this series was the first set of books that began my love for reading, and while children beating the stuffing out of each other is some what demented, I still loved it and it spoke to me as a child who was the same age and did experience some bullying in school.