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‘Insurgent’ (Second Book in ‘Divergent’ Series) Estimated Release Date

July 11, 2011

Veronica Roth posted on her blog today:

INSURGENT = Sometime in the vicinity of May, 2012. Probably.

When I do get an official release date, I will definitely announce it here. Thanks for being so eager to know. It is very encouraging, particularly as I continue to work on finishing the manuscript.

Are you excited for ‘Insurgent,’ and what did you think of ‘Divergent’?

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  • Anonymous

    Are you serious?! may of 2012!! leave us at a cliffhanger and throw that curveball! im gonna cry.

  • Ciara

    Oh my goodness it was an amazing read!

    I started reading early evening and stayed up will like 4 in the morning to finish it, I literally couldn’t put it down !

    May 2012 … so long :( But, i suppose it is worth the wait :L


  • Kennedy

    I loved divergent I made all my friends read it so they could suffer with me. May 2012 :(

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  • Hope

    Omg. The book was so good! I borrowed it from a friend and i really offered to pay for it. As soon as she told me there was going to be a 2nd book I freaked out! I cannot wait!!!

  • tasha

    This book was so amazing i couldnt put it down, sercretly when my dad went to sleep i got up and started to read! I cant wait for the next book!

  • Molly

    This book was so amazing that I made my friends read it. I cannot wait for Insurgent!!! :D

  • bud

    This book was amazing i couldn’t stop reading it. I was up til 1:30 am one night. Can’t weight til INSURGENT is coming out. So excited.

  • bud

    I almost cried…