The Mortal Instruments

Jamie Campbell Bower Getting a ‘Mortal Instruments’ Tattoo?

Jamie Campbell Bower, recently cast as Jace, tweeted this to his fans:

Getting a TMI tattoo next week. Now….. Go crazy. X

A real TMI tattoo, you think? What do you think it is?

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  • Shh

    Isn’t this franchise based on a Harry Potter fanfic?

  • ….

    Really? This is Jace? Do people really not know talent or what good looks mean anymore?

  • Jasmine

    I love him!!!
    And I hope it will be a rune!

  • Carrie

    So not seeing him as Jacce at all, but i hope he proves me wrong…and no it was not based on a HP fanfin…

  • Carrie

    *Jace oops

  • sam

    Cassandra Clare wrote a harry fanfic years ago and according to the people who have read it the characters are very similar and some of the scenes are almost exactly the same in both. (Draco is apparently just like Jace and Ginny is like Clary) it was not exactly based on it but she used some of her ideas from the fanfiction in the mortal instruments

  • Danielle

    Not really sure I like him as Jace but maybe he’ll do a good job.

    JUst curious why wasn’t is posted that he was casted on the Mortal Instruments site?

  • Cc

    Hate to admit it but I had my doubts at first. Watch Camelot. You’ll see he’s a good actor and he has that arrogance to him. And that’s not really a good picture of what “Jace” would look like. I’m sure they’ll do something about his hair And obviously shave off facial hair!

  • not-so-agree

    doubts…doubts…doubts..i can’t really find him as interestin’ as jace is.BTW,i really do have to give him the benefit of the doubt,,so please do something with regards to his hair!!!!!

  • kimberlyann

    I’m so dissapointed. He’s not attractive at all! Jace is supposed to be strong and sexy. I cannot see runes on his twiggy body.

  • Amarna

    I soooo agree I had my heart set on alex pettyfer