Warm Bodies

Artwork: ‘R & M in Warm Bodies’ by NightmareHound

November 8, 2011

The artist NightmareHound on Deviantart has drawn this fantastic depiction of the characters ‘R’ and ‘M’ in the novel ‘Warm Bodies’ by Isaac Marion. They include the description from the novel:

“None of us are particularly attractive, but death has been kinder to me than some. I’m still in the early stages of decay. Just the grey skin, the unpleasant smell, the dark circles under my eyes. I could almost pass for a Living man in need of a vacation.”
“I rise to find M waiting for me at the top. He is hundreds of pounds of muscle and fat draped on a six-foot-five frame. Bearded, bald, bruised and rotten, his grisly visage slides into view as I crest the staircase summit. Is he the angel that greets me at the gates? His ragged mouth is oozing black drool.”

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  • Cynara

    This sounds so cool!

  • Chris

    Scaaary D: But it makes me anticipate the movie even more!

  • Anonymous

    This book just keeps getting more and more interesting. I really want to read it now! I like how we can hear his thoughts in place of him not talking. I have never seen a book such as this and I would love to have it.

  • Keneko255

    Above comment is mine

  • Emily M.

    Okay, I’m convinced I want to read this now!

  • Tricia

    Great depictions!

  • Zayna H.

    Thanks for the image. O and can you do Julie, Nora and Perry please?