Beautiful Creatures


Gabriel Hugoboom Auditions For Ethan Wate in ‘Beautiful Creatures’

December 1, 2011

Gabriel Hugoboom posted today that he has read for the role of Ethan Wate in the Beautiful Creatures adaptation. Hugoboom is the same actor who auditioned for the role of Jace in City of Bones. With casting beginning for the main character, Beautiful Creatures could be on the fast track to becoming a movie.

Who is your first choice to play Ethan Wate?

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  • Christine

    Anyone else agree tat this is the real life version of Finnick Odair?

  • Anna

    My real life Ethan is Logan Lerman. But I think he wouldnt try another franchise…

  • Helena

    I little too old for me.

  • Chris

    I agree with Christine, he should rather audition for Finnick! He looks a little too old and too ‘gorgeous’ for the role of Ethan imo.

  • Erina57

    I also agree he would be a perfect Finnick! He is not my Ethan Wate. That role belongs to Logan Lerman, he is the real life Ethan :)

  • Kimberly

    Ehh He’s too old looking for Ethan.

  • Zac

    Him? Finnick? No. Just…no.

  • Tessey

    Yes. He does look a little bit old. But COME ON! This is hollywood! They could make him look younger.

    I like him.

  • kat

    I am picturing Alexandra Daddario or Kaya Scodelario as Lena.

  • Elizabeth

    I like him he isn’t the Ethan I imagined but he’s preety darn close

  • Amber

    I think he could play finnick, but i think Chris massoglia is a good ethan. check this out: