The Fault in Our Stars

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John Green’s ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ Optioned By Fox

January 31, 2012

The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green, is about a 16-year-old girl whose life is pleasantly upended when she falls for a boy who joins her cancer support group. It was optioned for producer Wyck Godfrey by Fox 2000, the 20th Century Fox division run by Elizabeth Gabler. Godfrey’s company Temple Hill has worked on a number of high profile children’s book-to-film productions including the Twilight saga (with Summit Entertainment) and Eragon. Gabler is overseeing the project along with Fox 2000 v-p of production, Erin Siminoff. via Publishers Weekly

What do you think, are you excited for a ‘Fault in Our Stars,’ movie?

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  • Julia @ That Hapa Chick

    As much as I ADORE this book I don’t really want to see it turned into a movie. It’s like John Green says: Books are for their readers. That being said I wouldn’t want it to turn into a story that it wasn’t or for the actors to not portray the character’s the way I wanted them to be portrayed. A little selfish I know but I just loved this book so much. And the fact that it’s being optioned by the people who did Eragon is a little disconcerting… That was one of the worst book to movie adaptions EVER. If they do make it into a movie I just hope they do it justice. That and I hope John Green would help with it. I’m sure he would since he didn’t let people make Paper Towns because of a difference of opinions but still…. Worrisome. :/

  • AD

    I’m worried about the twilight and eragon background of the producing team but will w/hold judgement until they get a screenwriter, dir and a cast. i always saw Chloe Moretz/Saoirse Ronan as Hazel, Logan Lerman as Gus and Cameron Monaghan of Shameless as Isaac in my mind

  • Orla

    Saoirse Ronan has been getting all the book adaptions lately, so I think Taissa Farmiga should get Hazel, she was perfect in Higher ground and American Horror, very talented and a natural beauty. Going by Greens descriptions, she would fit Hazel’s apperence, and we know from her past roles she can pull of emotional, sarcy and bookish.

  • kay

    It’s okay to make TFIOS into a film. It’s a departure from those fantasy films.
    Logan Lerman for Gus and Haile Steinfeld for Hazel. . Both actors are very talented and looks the part. I dont think chloe moretz should get the role. I do think Taissa is a good fit for hazel but im leaning towards hailee steinfeld. I hope cameron crowe will direct.

  • Anonymous

    I think saoirse Ronan should play Hazel, and logan lerman should play Gus. They would be Perfect for the roles!

  • Gianna

    The book is AMAZING being a best seller and all that, so I want the movie to be amazing as well. My suggestion would be Saoirse Ronan for Hazel because a few of her projects are book adaptations like The Lovely Bones or The City Of Ember. Some people say its accurate from the book, So she is PERFECT for Hazel. As for Augustus I suggest Logan Lerman, recently he finished filming the Perks Of Being A Wallflower. I’ve read that book and I can tell you its quite emotional but the same time fun to read because of the maturity of Charlie(Logan Lerman). These are my suggestion for the PERFECT main cast.