Beautiful Creatures


Ethan Wate & Lena Duchannes Officially Cast

February 7, 2012

It was announced today that the two stars of the Beautiful Creatures novels have been cast. Ethan Wate will be played by Jack O’Connell (Skins [UK]) and Lena Duchannes will be played by Alice Englert. The announcement comes not long after it was announced that Viola Davis (The Help) was cast as fan-favorite Amma. It shouldn’t be much longer until we know the full cast, as filming will begin in New Orleans, Louisiana, in April.

What do you think of the choices to play Ethan and Lena?


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  • emmy

    Omg, Alice is GORGEOUS.
    I’m kind of okay with Jack, but it’s just that after seeing him in Skins, he seems a little harsh for Ethan, lol. But he must have great acting range to have been cast as Ethan, so I’m okay with this!

  • Chris

    Alice is perfectly fine for me. But Jack…OMG. Same as emmy, after watching Skins It’ll take a lot to get used to him as Ethan…

  • Ellie

    Having not read all the books–only the first– I can still say these two look great for the characters. Though I’ve never seen any of the movies they’ve been in, so I don’t know about their acting skills:)

  • Emma

    OMG I’m soooooo psyched! I’ve loved Beautiful Creatures, like, FOREVER and I’me sooooo happy it’s FINALLY gonna be a movie!!!!

  • denisse

    I HAVEN’T SEEN SKINS so for me jack is GOOD! he looks great and ALICE IS WOOOW! can’t wait ;)

  • Ali

    OMFG I love the books and I’m now dying to go to New Orleans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shay

    Honestly, I don’t like the choices they made..
    Sure they might have the good acting skills..but they just..don’t fit the looks…

  • Vanessa

    The casting of Jack is actually what got me to start reading this series. I enjoyed his acting on Skins and have followed his acting career ever since. You can all rest assured that the role of Ethan is in good hands. You’ll be falling in love with him in no time ;)

  • Hannah

    Alice better dye her hair black though. I will die if when i see the movie, Lena doesn’t have black hair. That would just ruin it! And I kind of agree with Shay…

  • Hannah

    Oh and her eyes ABSOLUTELY have to be green. Also, I heard that Jack isn’t going to play Ethan and now it’s a guy named Alden something….

  • Katie

    Cook Cook Cook, one of my favorite Skins characters. Gen 2 will always be my fave, and Jack will always be Cook to me! I love Emmy Rossum though, so I’ll definitely see Beautiful Creatures. My sister Lena and her boyfriend Ethan are excited about the movie as well!