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‘Mortal Instruments’ Film Dropped by Screen Gems, Director Leaves Project

February 11, 2012

According to Collider, the ‘Mortal Instruments’ film (which is an adaptation of the popular series by Cassandra Clare), has been dropped by Screen Gems. Casting has already been partially completed – with Jamie Campbell Bower in the role of Jace, with Lily Collins as Clary. The director, Scott Stewart, has also left the project. However, fans, do not lose hope! Constantin Film still controls the rights and is trying to make the finances work to develop the project on its own.

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  • Pring

    This makes me so happy, Cassie Claire is a terrible writer. If the film does get made I hope it sucks

  • Annie

    Noooooo!!! Way to be mean Pring..

  • http://amelies-bookreviews.blogspot.com/ Amelie

    What kind of person are you? O.o

  • Beth

    I like the books, regardless of Clare’s reputation, but the movies are obviously a mistake. The casting is crap, they couldn’t get it off the ground. They need to scrap it completely. JCB? NO.

  • kimberlyann

    I love the books but I really do wish they wouldn’t make a movie, at least not with the current cast.

  • denisse

    after hunger games TMI is my most anticipated adaptation to come out, THEY CAN’T GIVE UP!

  • Ellie

    Okay, I really don’t think they should continue with this adaption after all the drama that’s been centered around it. Obviously, no one can handle doing it! I love the books, but really people, know when to quit. Because if it’s not good, you’ll have some pretty annoyed fans on your hands.

  • Ana

    Thankfully! I hope with a new director and company that they’ll change the cast. These two don’t fit together. Plus what’s the point in making this series into a movie if they want to change so much?

  • Lea

    it would be interesting to watch a movie about the book the actors have to GO. New cast I beg whoever the new director might be.

  • mella

    @Pring Hater.
    The rest of you:
    You haven´t even seen Jamie and Lily together you have no idea if they have chemistry. And watch the movie when it comes out before you complain about their acting :)
    No offence !

  • neko

    loved the books, but I’d rather they don’t make the movie. I find it that TMI is one of the stories that would be hard to portray on the big screens…

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Clockwork Angel though.. =)

  • Anonymous

    i love these books!! i got my daughter hooked too. i just hope that they follow the story line. and that clary has red hair, like on the book cover. the gingers need to stick together.

  • Valerie

    @mella – It’s not the chemistry/acting. It’s their looks. To be blunt, it sucks. Their looks don’t match the characters at all. To put a book on the big screens, at the very least the actors/actresses have to look the part.