The Perfect Beatrice Prior – A ‘Divergent’ Dream Casting

March 3, 2012

One of the books I have just recently finished, is Divergent by Veronica Roth. I love this book! It is dystopia, and it is Young Adult, which seems to turn off some people. But boy let me tell you how much it does the opposite. My favorite series, The Hunger Games, reminds me of Divergent in some ways. But in others, not at all. in case you haven’t heard of Divergent, here’s a small snippet of the summary:

In Beatrice Prior’s dystopian Chicago, society is divided into five factions, each dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue—Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent). On an appointed day of every year, all sixteen-year-olds must select the faction to which they will devote the rest of their lives. For Beatrice, the decision is between staying with her family and being who she really is—she can’t have both. So she makes a choice that surprises everyone, including herself.

From very early in the book, (Chapter 4 to be exact) I was absolutely, and undoubtedly hooked. It’s so unlike anything I’ve read and I feel the characters aren’t “perfect” which I notice in so many other books. The main character, Beatrice Prior, is such an excellent character I think, and that is what inspired me to do this post! As you may have heard, Summit Entertainment has the film rights with Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher producing. The film has no release date, and no cast, so it is the perfect time to put in my two sense!

The perfect, Beatrice Prior.

Beatrice, or “Tris” as she later names herself, is for one, the most pivotal role that needs to be cast, and two, the lucky lady who get’s to play Tris will need to be gifted. I’m talking, Academy Award gifted.

I’ll count down actresses from 5, number 1 being my perfect Tris.

5. Hayden Panettiere

My friend suggested Hayden Panettiere for Tris, and first, all my thoughts were negative. Not that she doesn’t look the part. but I was worried about her actual acting abilities. I want someone who can really take all the power from Tris and make it visual with her facial expressions. When it comes to what I had originally pictured, Hayden just isn’t it. At all.

4. Amanda Seyfried

I am a huge fan of Amanda Seyfried! Although I do think she might be a bit old, I think she definitely has the look and ability. I loved her in Mamma Mia. She definitely needs to audition!

3. Dianna Argon 

The first thing you are most likely to think is, TOO OLD! And frankly, I sort of agree. She is definitely similar to what most people and myself pictured, her acting is great, but the age just throws it all out I think. I wouldn’t have a problem with her auditioning that’s for sure.

2. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence might be my favorite young actress at the time. Not just because she’s playing Katniss Everdeen, but she honestly is an amazing actress. Remember what I said about that actor that played Tris needed to be Academy Award good? Well, Jennifer is an Academy Award nominee. The absolute only problem I have is her age. Right now, Lawrence is 22 years old. A little old, and she’ll be even older when production finally begins. Another small thing, like I mentioned, she is working on The Hunger Games series. There might be a scheduling conflict if she was to play Tris. When we talk about what I pictured in my head, Jennifer is definitely close. So even though she is a bit old, and she is a bit busy, maybe she’ll still have time to at least audition!

1. Olivia Scriven

Olivia Scriven is a very new and young actress. Hardly anyone knows about her. To be quite honest, the only way I know about her is from glancing at my sister’s television while walking by her room. But after stopping and looking for a moment, I asked myself “Where have I seen this girl?” And then I realized, wait, this is exactly how I pictured Tris. I stayed with my sister, playing cards but really, I was studying this girl. I couldn’t believe how much she seems like Tris to me. Her acting is excellent, and if you’re worried about her age, (15) like I’ve said before, she will be older when they begin production! And maybe after all they will have a 16 year old playing a 16 year old. I want Oliva Scriven to play Beatrice Prior! Do you hear that Summit?

Jake is a student in New York. He's an actor and he loves what he does. He writes, blogs, makes films and most importantly loves and is involved with the book to film adaptation happen. He plans to graduate from college and dive into a creative career whether in film, writing, or even photography. He's the director and producer of a film titled 'Skeleton Man' based on the novel with the same name. He's obsessed with Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Legend. He's an extra in Hunger Games: Catching Fire too! [Coke] vs. Pepsi

  • lena

    I think taissa Farmiga would make the perfect Tris.
    she is not too beautiful, doll-ed but still pretty.
    she is also a very good actress (see American Horror Story)

  • Chris

    Most of them are/look too old and much too “eye-catching”. Tris is described as rather plain and I guess more childlike-cute than pretty. And I always understood that Tris’ maturity develops from the inside, not outside. But Olivia Scriven could be a good choice IMO, at least judging from the looks (as I haven’t seen her act before).

    I am SO excited for this movie! I hope we’ll get some official news soon.

  • Tricia

    I could not agree more that Taissa Farmiga would be perfect for the role. Amazing.

  • scatterbrained

    Taissa would be truly perfect. I’ve never imagined any character from the book as similar to any celebrity, than my ideal Tris is similar to her. She even has long nose and huge eyes… She’s pretty but not too beautiful.
    And boy, can she act.

  • Ellie

    I LOVE Divergent. It’s just one of those books anyone would like. And the next installment is being released in May! Yay! Also, I so agree. Olivia Scrivin looks perfect for the role of Tris, although I’d need to see her acting to really confirm it:)

  • Anna

    I really like your casting I think that Olivia looks really good for the role of course I havn’t seen her act but I think she would be great. As far as people who I’ve seen act Jennifer Lawrence would be great she can already be looked down if you watch Winter’s Bone and she has the face that can launch a franchise but I don’t think she would have the time or particularly want to take on another huge film role while still working on the hunger games. I want my Tris to be dedicated.

    I also really like Dakota Fanning, who looks about 16 or younger (Tris describes herself as not having a very mature body) and she can act really well. She’s not exactly who I pictured but she does look it when I see her in her other projects.

    Saoirse Ronan would be a good pick too. She can be dressed down and she can act well like in The Lovely Bones. But I believe she is just starting on The Host right now and I heard the Stephanie Meyer is thinking of expanding the series into more books. So she too might be to busy to be a dedicated Tris.

    To those who are complaining about the actresses looking too pretty. I agree Tris isn’t supposed to be particularly pretty but the sad thing is that we live in a world where movie stars have to be pretty and in order for Divergent to be successful we need a face that can launch a franchise and unfortunately that means really pretty.

  • mariah

    All of them are too old except Olivia Scriven…

  • ernie

    My Tris would be Emma Roberts. I’m not sure about Four. Maybe Nicholas Hoult.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think any of them are good enough, she has to be plain and small. To be honest, and not to sound too cocky, I would look perfect for the part. I am very small and plain looking.

  • Holly L.

    I think Haley Olsen should play Tris. She’s plain, blonde, small, and she’s a freest actress

  • Holly L.

    I think Haley Olsen should play Tris. She’s plain, blonde, small, and she’s a Really good actress.

  • sarah

    DIVERGENT IS THE BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!i can’t wait for the next one to come out i’m on the edge of my seat!pleasssssssseeeee make the next book…NOW

  • naomi

    I personally think Elle Fanning, Chloe Moretz, Annasophia Robb, or Dakota Fanning would cut the part. Either one would be good. Thats just what i think.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sin.is.love Taylor C

    I agree with Chloe Moretz. Originally I wished for Dakota Fanning when I first started reading the book, after reading Insurgent, I think Chloe is a better fit. She’s younger, and while I think she’s gorgeous, it’s not as ‘in your face.’ After watching her in Kick Ass and Let Me In, she can do all of the amazing physical stunts and still keep emotion on the screen. PLEASE AUDITION CHLOE!!!! She’s be the perfect Tris!

  • Mary

    Wow, Olivia Scriven is exactly how I pictured Tris!!

  • http://thelastdivergent.tumblr.com Erika

    Indiana Evans/Elle Fanning as Tris Prior
    Max Irons/James Gaisford as Four

  • A. Marie

    Saoirse Ronan! Perfect Tris.

  • Clara

    I personally like Nick Hoult or Max Irons to play Four

    as for Tris, I’d love Taissa Farmiga, Olive, or Dakota Fanning to play her. They’ve got the plain look, you see. Not exactly ‘pretty’, small and looks younger than how they really are

  • Clare

    I like Taissa as Tris and think that Colton Haynes would be good as Four. I don’t like anyone too old playing younger characters!

  • Anonymous

    You all need to understand that the movie isn’t coming out until 2015, so the actress may not even be an actress yet. A lot can happen in 3 years, and a lot of the actresses being envisioned above are close to their twenties so they will be way to old to play the characters.I feel that chloe grace moretz or elle fanning could play tris because they are both 13 as far as I know so they would be 16 by the time the movie comes out.

  • lauren

    when i read the book divergent, my ideal Tris didn’t really look like the actresses up there but i think olivia scriven is a good choice. shes pretty, and doll llike and thats how the books describe Tris. also, i know all those actresses up there cuz their in alot of movies. i think people want an actress that they don’t know because their getting kind of old(litterally). nobody really knows who olivia is, but if shes a good actress, then i want to give her a try! Go Olivia Scriven!

  • Cami

    I honestly think Jennifer Lawrence would be PERFECT for the role of Tris! And not only beacause she’s my favorite actress!<3

  • Heather

    I love it when large movies use new and upcoming actors/actresses for the main roles because the audience sees them for one of the first times and not for all of the other movies they have played in. Olivia Scriven has my vote! :)

  • http://www.thesehungergames.webs.com Silver

    I dont think any of these people would make a good Tris. I think they’re all too old, or too young, or too innocent looking, except for that second Jennifer Lawrence picture, who I didnt think at all looked like Katniss… None of the cast except Rue and Thresh looked like who I pictured. Anyways. I think someone else would make a better Tris. Someone who isnt that pretty. Someone unknown to us. BRING A NEW ACTRESS! A NEW CAST! I dont want to see actors and actresses I’m already familiar with in the movie. It would screw up my entire liking to the book, just as the Hunger Games movie did. I expected great things from that movie, and it was horrible. If this movie goes wrong, then I blame the cast and directors and producing company and I will be just another disapointed fan.

  • alli

    i think sophie turner would be PERFECT as tris. she has the acting chops to boot and would be able to portray tris’s vulnerable scenes and powerful/sassy scenes. just watch game of thrones. (also, she’s naturally blonde, not redheaded and isn’t as well known as some of these other actresses).

  • Addy

    Completely agree with Silver. I really hope they do not mess up the castings like they did with Hunger Games. Diveregent is an outstanding book and they shouldn’t just chose a generic blond actress or one that is popular with teenagers like numbers 2-5. I think number 1 is probably the most accurate. For me I would say Soairse Ronan (did I spell that right!) for her look or Annasophia Robb for build/ height. I simply refuse to see the film if someone like Jennifer Lawrence or Diana Agron is cast!

  • alex

    i do not agree with that choice. i think a good Tris woud either be Jessy Schram from falling skies or Chloe Mortez. I think Jessy Schram is a PERFECT match for Tris she looks like tris and since she is on falling skies she already has expierence with stunts. i hope she auditions!!!

  • Anonymous

    Quit frankly I think your list sucks because they are all too old exspeacially because the movie won’t come out until 2013-2015 so those choses will be in their late 20s instead of 15 I think Dakota Fanning is the BEST choice.
    1.Dakota Fanning
    2. imogen Poots
    3.Tassia Famgira
    4.Soirse Ronan
    5.Miley Cyrus

  • sofya

    here’s a link to picture of chloe moretz……if you see this picture and some movies she’s played in an still don’t think she’d be perfect for tris then u don’t think that u have any idea on how to cast people for roles …..eneways here’s the link…… http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/chloe-moretz?before=1340311271 click on the picture of chloe moretz wearing a tshirt that says led zeppelin

  • Marianna

    @ Anon Who wrote this:

    “Quit frankly I think your list sucks because they are all too old exspeacially because the movie won’t come out until 2013-2015 so those choses will be in their late 20s instead of 15 I think Dakota Fanning is the BEST choice.
    1.Dakota Fanning
    2. imogen Poots
    3.Tassia Famgira
    4.Soirse Ronan
    5.Miley Cyrus”

    If you are going to write something, please be sure to actually register your ideas in a constructive way. I take offence at your comment about the list sucking. Sure, it might not be what you want but it is really a matter of opinion and one suggestion for Tris will NOT (EVER) match what somebody else wants.

    The person who put this post together doesn’t deserve to have your rude comment posted on it and it is very difficult for people to take you seriously when your post is covered in horrible spelling errors that make me cringe.

    However, I would like to thank you for actually registering something decent to the comments in regards to your mention of the actresses ages and the time of production. However, because you’ve annoyed me, I would like to point out that because the movie is filming this year in 2012, the people cast for the roles will be less then a year older when they start filming, so someone who is 15 will probably still be 15, or 16 at the most.

    For the future, please do not post things like ‘your list sucks’ because it annoys people. I for one, while I did not agree with a lot of the people on the list, liked to see someone elses ideas as it does provide a fresh perspective for me. I also liked seeing your list and suggestions, however I wish that you had gone about it in a much nicer way.

    Kindest Regards.

  • Morganna

    I think Drew Roy would make a perfect tobias .

  • Morganna

    Max Irons would make a good Eric too .

  • Anonymous

    this is probably going to sound odd, oh well who cares! (Live Like Dantless) I would love to see someone completely new to play Tris or maybe Juno Temple would be pretty kickass, I think Douglas Booth, Logan Lerman, or for some mad reason George Finn should play Tobais/Four, Ian Somerhalder would be pretty good as Eric I think (:

  • Kailtyn

    this is probably going to sound odd, oh well who cares! (Live Like Dantless) I would love to see someone completely new to play Tris or maybe Juno Temple would be pretty kickass, I think Douglas Booth, Logan Lerman, or for some mad reason George Finn should play Tobais/Four, Ian Somerhalder would be pretty good as Eric I think (:

    Awkward moment when I accidently posted that as anon. :/ :L

  • Adrianna

    I think Indiana Evans would do a great job as Tris Prior.

  • Shaden

    I think Britt Robertson would make a perfect Tris
    She’s skinny she’s short she’s cute but nor very beautiful
    and she can actually act she made me cry in “Life unexpected”
    who agrees ?

  • Luana

    I agree with all those who said that a new actress is necessary. How will we find the perfect Tris if our options are limited to what we know alone and cannot look farther than what public media has made known to us? There may be enormous potential in a girl who no one knows. I for one LOVE acting and may be able to do an amazing job, but nobody know who i am and how i act so i will probably never get the chance to do something that Iove. Besides, if the audience doesn’t know the actress (or actors in general) they will most likely be dying to see the movies and find out if the cast is any good! I say give new people a chance!!! I hope someone with any power to influence the choices for the cast sees this, and if anyone agrees please say so and we may actually get something to change and be proud of it!
    Best wishes to all

  • Anonymous

    I agree with silver and addy and luana, we need someone new

  • ????

    I think hayden would be great on youtube there is a fan made tralior of divergent and it is by far the best fan made tralior I have ever seen!!!!!!!

  • Caitlyn Huff

    They want a new face for the movie. Plus, all these actors look much too old, Tris is a girl who still has the Appearance of a child. She’s stubborn and caring (a lil like me, plus im about her height and look like her, but I know I’d never have a chance). I don’t know many actors, but I know we need someone knew.

  • Caitlyn Huff

    But of I had to choose one of these actors, it would have to be Jennifer Lawrence, I pictured tris as her, plus she’s a great actor.

  • Caitlyn H.

    I agree with luana. I know how u feel with the wanting to act but no one knows u thing. But we do need someone new.

  • Isabelle

    1.Dakota Fanning
    2.Jennifer Lawrence (but shes already in the Hunger Games..)
    3.Amanda Seyfried

  • Simon

    So many of the actresses suggested for Tris are way too old, too well known and/or already involved in a YA film franchise (Saiorse, Jennifer L, Dakota F etc)

    Tris is supposed to be small, still childlike I.e YOUNG looking for her age! .Izzy MeikleSmall would be perfect – she was the young Kathy in Never Let Me Go and broke my heart! She must be about the right age now?


  • beatricefan17

    Does anyone know Beatrice Miller from the x factor? She kinda looks like Beatrice from Divergent!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carlee

    Booboo Stewart for Uriah!!!<3

  • Anonymous

    it’s going to be shailene woodley.

  • Shula B.

    Hayden Panettiere’s acting skills aren’t good? What have you seen her in that’s he’s bad, she’s amazing!

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    If you like casting you should share your casting ideas for your favorite stores on If List for a visually rich dream board! http://iflist.com/stories/divergent#