Percy Jackson


Paloma Kwiatkowski Cast as Thalia in ‘Percy Jackson’ Sequel

April 3, 2012

Paloma Kwiatkowski has been cast as Thalia Grace in Fox 2000’s Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Sea Of Monsters. She signed for one picture, with options for two more where, if the series continues, her character takes on a more major role. Kwiatkowski is a high school student from Vancouver, which is where the movie is filming. This would be her first film role.

Source: Deadline

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  • Numra

    I read she was a fan of the books. I’m quite happy for her, if that’s true :) i hope she can act, her appearence does look thalia though

  • Anonymous

    OMG, thats my friend! shes my improv coach! we go to templeton together

  • Mademoiselle Unknown

    She looks like an innocent type of girl. Thalia’s a punk in the books.

  • Anonymous

    For me Kaya Scodelario is nice for the role. Starting with Kaya’s BLUE eyes . Paloma seems so innocent Um ……. no offense . Its only my opinion for Kaya to act as Thalia coz she seems so familiar to me.

  • Sandy

    All she needs is a visit to costume and make-up and she’ll be good as long as she can act.

  • JJ

    Remember though if they stick really close to the book than thalia would only have two big scenes. Won’t really know how the character is until titans curse. Hopefully it gets made too

  • Anonymous

    i agree with um… well you didn’t put your name. Kaya would do better, no offense to Paloma or anything. It’s just… I say here darkest (is that how I should put it?) picture and it um… is still to happy and innocent. She has here hair and stuff but, Kaya would do better. and YouTube agrees

  • Sasha

    I actually agree with the choice of Paloma

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