The Book Thief


Casting for ‘The Book Thief’ is Underway – Online Open Call For Kids Ages 9-14

May 25, 2012

‘The Book Thief’ is being adapted into a film by Fox 2000, and we’re getting some great news on the casting front! The novel tells the story of Liesel Meminger, a young foster girl living in Germany who survives by stealing books and bringing them back to her foster father and others. The casting director, Donna Isaacson, has opened auditions to the general public through an online open call for kids ages 9-14 – male and female. To audition, you have to prepare an audition tape where you explain why you didn’t do your homework. There have to be three reasons:

1. A truthful and logical explanation
2. An outrageously over the top made up story
3. A sad emotional real excuse that is almost too difficult to talk about

Submissions are only being accepted from the United States and Canada at this time. Head over to to submit. The casting director also includes an informational video you can watch before you create your tape. We’re all very excited for this film and I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing some new talented young actors! I love seeing new faces in adaptations since it’s great to have a fresh look at someone that you don’t have a previous opinion of, through watching their other films. For this book, especially, they’ll need to find very talented young people to make an adaptation work. Are any of you going to submit an audition for ‘The Book Thief’?

Kimmy is a 21 year old nerdfighter who is the founder and editor-in-chief of Page to Premiere. When she's not writing about books and movies here or on her Hunger Games site called, she loves Tumblr-ing, eating sushi, drinking Thai iced tea, and being lazy with her cat Rue! She hopes to be a published author one day. You can follow her on Twitter at @kimmymary.

  • Ellie

    What a cool way to audition! Too bad I’m a terrible actor. I can’t wait to see the movie though:)

  • Anna

    When will it be open to the uk?:):) I really want to audition!

  • Anonymous

    is the girl leisel meminger??? if so it says she has blonde hair and i am a brunette do you think i can still audition???

  • Casey Isabel

    submitting right now :)

  • Mo

    I wish this was two years ago. I would’ve died just for the chance. Alas, I’m now too old :(
    I’m not really looking forward to this movie though… I love the book too much. I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to except it on screen.

  • edwin

    i luv to audition but im outside the US im 14 and i want to play Tommy Müller

  • Anonymous

    are they going to open it up to UK and Australia? seeing as the book is European and written by an Australian author it seems more fair to open it up to them first anyway! even if they’re looking for someone with an American accent…

    also, people’s views: are they doing this open casting call for legit reasons or is it a publicity stunt?

  • Sarah

    Ah! I love this book; so excited to hear some news regarding its production!

  • Hila

    I clicked on the link and it says submissions will continue later this fall. Are they for the book thief because I think I could make an amazing Liesel. Please respond soon with a hopefully positive answer. I have been dreaming about this role ever since I read the first three pages of the book.

  • M

    In my city there is an open audition/ casting call on Sunday. So excited!!! :)

  • A

    When was the last audition?

  • Beth Capaldi

    I think that auditions should be open to the UK by now…

  • Anon

    I live in germany and i saw a casting call and i sent an email and i applied :p i really hope i get into the casting cause its such a great book and i think i would be quite good for the part as im half english half german :S aaaa i want it so bad haha

  • Amber McPherson

    I’m heartbroken to be 16. I’m literally crying because this is my favorite book.