PHOTOS: Meet the Irish Coven of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2″

July 21, 2012

 About The Irish Coven

The Irish Coven Leader: Siobhan

Members: Siobhan, Liam & Maggie Special Powers: Maggie is able to tell if a person is lying.

Relationship to the Cullens: All the members of the Irish coven are old friends of Carlisle. They come to Forks to help their old friend stand against the Volturi threat.

Relationship to the Volturi: The Irish have no previous relationship with the Volturi. During her first century as a vampire, Siobhan met a few Volturi guards and considered approaching the Volturi for official consideration, but ultimately she never did.



Date of Birth: Around 1490
Date of Transformation: Around 1510, at approximately age 20
Quote: “So will we.”
Played by Lisa Howard


Date of Birth: Around 1615
Date of Transformation: 1651, at approximately age 36
Quote: “No one does rebellion like the Irish.”
Played by Patrick Brennan



Date of Birth: 1832
Date of Transformation: 1847, at age 15
Special Abilities: Can tell if a person is lying
Played by Marlane Barnes


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  • belle

    Siobhan has special abilities. She has been known to have the power of wishful thinking.

  • Amy

    Siobhan doesn’t believe she has a special power, but some believe that she is able to will the outcome of a situation. Carlisle has faith in her ability, but she doubts it.