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Countdown to ‘Forever’ – Fans Remember ‘The Twilight Saga’ – Your Favorite Movie Moments (Week 4)

October 25, 2012

As we countdown to the premiere of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2,” we are asking for your help to relive the memories!  Each Thursday we will propose a question related to The Twilight Saga experience and we are looking for your answers.  Our team will be sharing our memories as well.

We’ll highlight some of our favorite answers from each week when it gets closer to the premiere.

Along the way we will be cleaning out our prize closet! Each week we’ll draw a name from the submitted answers to win a prize.  Also, if your answer is chosen to be featured in the wrap up article, you will be getting a prize, too!    We have lots of great prizes to give away including Tonner dolls, Twilight jewelry, tote bags, t-shirts, posters sets and so much more!  If you get picked to receive a prize your prize will be selected by random drawing in November.

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We had 14 different characters submitted as favorite non-trio characters last week! Alice took the lead, but Charlie Swan wasn’t far behind as a favorite.   There were some surprising characters, too!   Congrats to Joy, who has a thing for Jasper, for being the  random drawing winner for week three.


Here’s what our team had to say:

Amy (@OhMyCarlisle)

My very favorite scene is the deleted Carlisle and Esme scene from ‘Twilight,’ but since it didn’t make into the final cut then it doesn’t cut.   There are so many moments that I love, but it is really difficult for me to single out an entire scene that I love.  A scene that I remember adoring the first time I saw the movie was the scene in Edward’s bedroom in ‘Eclipse’ that ends with Bella finally saying ‘Yes’ to Edward.  I though the music by Sia fit perfectly. I loved the awkwardness of Bella feeling rejected,  but even more so I adored Edward’s description of courting and him remembering that time in his life.  It was so sweet and honest.  How could Bella not say ‘yes?’

Kimmy (@kimmymary)

My favorite scene of the series so far would have to be the opening scene in the meadow from ‘Eclipse.’ This was the scene that really brought Edward and Bella to life for me! Their honest, adorable chemistry was completely believable, and also made the rest of the film work. The motivations of all the characters, and having the plot move forward properly, all relies on the believability of their relationship. Are they really in love? I didn’t believe it after the first two films, but after that scene, I believed it! So, it’s cute, romantic, and important to the entire series, and therefore my favorite scene so far. Who knows, maybe a Renesmee/Bella/Edward scene will overtake that one after I see ‘Part 2’! I’m so excited to see the family’s relationship unfold in the final movie.

Submit your favorite scene from ‘The Twilight Saga’ films  in the comments below. Make sure you register so we can get in touch with you. 

Please note that all prizes will be mailed after the movie premieres in the U.S. on November 16.

Amy is a lifelong fangirl, who gets most excited over The Twilight Saga, Harry Potter, Disney, Star Trek, superhero movies, and Broadway musicals. She’s Twilight fan fiction writer, Esme Mom Cullen, and her work is (mostly) focused on her favorite ship – Carlisle and Esme. She has the sarcasm and wit of a born and raised Jersey Girl, even though she now makes her home in Southern California. She currently works in the areas of communications and corporate social responsibility.

  • melissa hyrne

    My favorite scene so far has been when Bella and Edward get married. The part where they say their vows then kiss and we see them together in the gazebo, ahh it just makes me cry every time.

  • http://teamkellanlutz.com Natasha Polis

    My favorite scene out of all the films has to be the first time Bella meets the Cullens. It’s the first carefree moments with them all. You get to see them as a family as they make “Italiano” for Bella.
    The sweet smile Esme gives while she, Carlisle, and Emmett are cooking is just so genuine. But what I love the most is that everyone is introduced to Emmett’s jovial side. When he waves that knife at Bella for the first time, I remember thinking just what a goof ball he is. Whenever I watch Twilight, no matter how many times I’ve seen it, that scene will still make me smile and laugh.

  • Ann

    My favorite scene comes from New Moon. It’s the scene where Bella is running against time to stop Edward from exposing himself and the vampire world. This is my favorite because I just love how it was filmed, from all the humans wearing red clothing to the Italian scenery. It was very well done and the suspense of whether Bella would be able to stop Edward in time really set the scene well.

  • Brittany Gray

    I’m torn between 2 scenes. I really like the scene in New Moon where Charlie and Harry are hunting the wolves while the wolves are hunting Victoria, and Bella is cliff diving. I really like the song, Hearing Damage that is playing all throughout that scene. The filming and angles all throughout that part of the movie are awesome. I love how they slowed everything else down so that even the bird is in slow motion while Victoria and the wolves running at normal speed to show how fast they are. The other scene that I really enjoy is the one in Edward’s bedroom when Bella tells him her conditions for marriage. I love the awkwardness of the whole thing. I also love that song, My Love, and they could not have picked a better song for the scene. Edward’s marriage proposal is brilliant. It’s very sweet, but not too fluffy. I got butterflies when Bella said yes, and Edward swung her up into his arms.

  • Jenny

    My favorite scene in the series is actually a series of scenes. It is the series of scenes when they are one their honeymoon. I love the playfulness between them that you don’t see in the other movies.

  • Sawsan

    My favorite scene is from the first movie when Edward bends Bella backwards like he is going to bite her neck while they are dancing at the prom, but instead he laughs and kisses her neck. I also love the part in New Moon where Victoria is being hunted and Bella jumps off the cliff and she sees Edward in the water. But really, there are too many to pick from.

  • sharon

    My favorite scene from the whole twilight series it has to be when jacob kissed bella and punched him on the face. when they returned to bellas house edward was all protective of her. It shows a lot how much he loved her and no matter how ‘fragile’ she was he was always there taking care of her. No matter how much jake ‘loved’ her he in a way was pressuring her to admit it and Edward never did. It also shows that love has to in a way be patient not force the other just because love her. It is my most memorable scene the whole twilight saga movies.

  • Tel

    My favourite scene is from Twilight. It’s when they are in the Ballet studio and Edward tells Bella’ i’m gonna make it stop’ and starts to suck the venom. It brings me to tears everytime! That he cares about her so much that he doens’t want to condem her to his fate. It’s so romantic. It was that scene that made me fall in love with Twilight.

  • Gemma

    My favourite scene from the whole series would be the scene when all the Cullen’s are in the garage when they are about to hunt James in Twilight. I love the emotion and love that Bella and Edward show for each other in this scene. For me this is when we really see them as a couple.

  • Katy

    My favorite scene from the Twilight Sage Films has to be the scenes in Twilight with Bella and Charlie. She tells him that she is dating Edward and he makes an intimidating sound with his shotgun, getting it ready. He also promises to be good and draws a halo, in the air around his head, with his finger. I love how protective Charlie is of Bella and how incredibly funny it is as well.

  • cristina

    amo todas las escenas de esta hermosa saga muy bien pensada y realizada, muy bueno el elenco k eligieron y perfecta la pareja de edward y bella, y si tuviera k elegir una escena seria la k ellos se encuentran en el boske y bella le dice k ya sabe k es un vampiro y cuando el le dice a ella k se enamoro de una oveja y ella le contesta: k estupida oveja, y k masokista es el leon. es hermosa esa parte, muy romantica, tambien cuando esta tocando el piano, es hermoso xk es una cancion k el mismo escribio hace tiempo atras con su banda.

  • Jodi S

    So hard to choose, especially since I watch them over & over! But if I have to choose just one, I’d say it was from the 1st Twilight movie. When Bella figures out what Edward is & they are in the woods & she runs through her list of evidence. The way Edward avoids breaking the rule of telling her what he is by making her say it… Out Loud… I loved that…

  • TabithaPhillips

    My favorite scene has to be when Edward officially proposes to Bella. The words he says to her sweeps me off my feet. It is just so romantic. Who could possibly say no, right?

  • Mariana

    My favourite scene is when Edward proposes to Bella in his bedroom, in Eclipse. It’s not my favourite movie, but that scene is absolutely perfect. So deep and romantic, I loved it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Breaking-Dawn-soundtrack/288291331204090 Amy

    My fav scene is the engagment scene in Eclipse coz you can really see so much happyness and love i Edwards eyes and even though Bella;s not quite sure about getting married she wants edward and to make him happy

  • Darina S.

    My favorite scene is in “Twilight” when they are arriving in the school parking lot together in Edward’s Volvo for the first time & Bella says everyone is staring at them. Edward looks amazing in his Rayban sunglasses as he throw his arm around Bella’s neck and says “Not that guy…uh…no he just looked. I’m breaking all the rules now anyway. Since I’m going to hell”

  • Louise Keller

    My favorite scene from the movies so far is Bella and Edwards wedding. It was so romantic and amazing!! I love the music in that scene.

  • Aimee


  • Catherine

    My favorite was when Bella punched Jacob in the face for forcibly kissing her.

  • http://confessionsofatwicrackteen.tumblr.com Atohengbe pearl osaretin

    My favorite twilight scene is when edward asked bella to marry him in eclipse and she said yes :D. My favorite twilight quote is from breaking dawn when edward said “no measure of time with you would be long enough so let’s start with forever. My saddest twilight scene was when edward left bella in newmoon :( .

  • Donita Pace

    I love the scene where Edward plays the piano for Bella. It’s sweet and simple. It doesn’t matter that he’s a vampire, 108, or a virgin. He’s just a guy playing a tune for the gal he likes. The music is beautiful!! THAT could really happen to any if us… Maybe!?

  • Linda Lovrin

    There have been so many that I love but I would have to say the wedding scene when Edwards says his toast to Bella. It is so romantic and loving, his pure honesty about how she has changed his life is somewhat overwhelming. I love it.

  • Pam

    The baseball scene with Alice pitching, from Twilight, also good song!

  • Kaylyn Tucker

    I love the scene at the end of Breaking Dawn Part 1 when in the movie, Bianca brought a note sent from Carlisle to inform them of Bella’s transformation into a vampire and her addition to the Olympic Coven. Aro noted that ‘Carlisle’ was misspelled before signalling Felix and Demetri to remove her.

  • http://twitter.com/twirobkstew cristina

    my favorite scene is the Honeymoon in Rio. It was perfect in the movie. Edward being romantic to Bella and just loving her. That is my favorite scene. but i have so many but the honeymoon wins hands down.

  • ejswife95

    My favorite scene from the Twilight Saga so far is probably the Tent Scene in Eclipse. Edward and Jacob get to know a little more about each other and are some what non confrontational for a few minutes. They come to understand that they both love Bella in different ways.

  • kim

    It’s hard to pick just one, but if I had to it would be when Bella is waiting to walk down the aisle to get married. She looks terrified, scared, nervous…… keeps looking around the Cullens and peeking out at the wedding party, even asking Charlie not to lat her fall. Then that beautiful music slowly begins,as she fiddles with her flowers, fidgeting all the time until she turns the corner (peeks at Stephanie Meyer with a smile which is prescious), then her eyes settle on her true love Edward. No more nervousness, she nearly dances the rest of the way, as the music swells, never taking her eyes off Edward.

  • Jenny B

    Wow I have hard time picking one scene. The first one to come to mind is when Edward hears Renesmee thoughts for the first time in BD part 1 and the cute Bella/Edward scene that follows. It’s so cute and sweet and I love when they’re being cute and cuddly.

  • Katie

    My favorite scene is the baseball scene. Even though it’s different than what I picture but it’s really cute scene that I enjoy I watch.

  • http://www.memoriesofyouphoto.com Jana

    My favorite scene to date is when Edward gets out of his Shiney Silver Volvo at school and starts walking to Bella. He shyly looks down and then looks up and seeing Bella smiles with all his heart.(The Volvo poster) He is at his most breath taking at that moment and make you want to melt whether your and Edward fan or not. I love it and get the shivers everytime I see it and Edwards not even my favorite character…..

  • http://twitter.com/jacndaniel jac

    My favorite scene in the saga is the one in Twilight where Bella and Edward meet Angela and Jessica infront of the restaurant in Port Angeles. Watching the girls react to Edward was hilarious! I always watch that part more than once!

  • Tasha

    My favorite scene is when Edward rescues Bella from the group of guys in Port Angeles. Modern day knight in shining armor aka shiny silver Volvo.

  • Tricia Doscher

    My favorite scene is vampire baseball in Twilight and when the wolves chase Victoria in New Moon!

  • Lauren

    My favorite scene is where Bella first meets the Cullens in Twilight

  • Emily M.

    My favorite scene is still the baseball scene from the first film! Muse was a perfect choice for the music and I think the scene perfectly balanced humor and the Cullen’s serious vampire skills!

  • Devonna

    My favorite part of the Twilight saga is when Bella and Edward first fell in love with each other in the first movie. I loved how Bella found out on her own about vampires and the scene where they were in the forest with one another, totally ditching school that morning. I loved how Edward explained everything to Bella, and when he said to her that she doesn’t know how long he’s waited for her. It truly a magical scene.

  • Heidi Langston

    My favorite scene is the wedding. I love the music and seeing Bella and Edward so happy.

  • Yahaira Saad

    my favorite part of the saga is in dawn part 1, when Bella dies and Edward being a vampire supposedly has no soul, but when Bella’s death can appreciate the pain you feel to lose because she is really his soul, I really cry in that scene by the feelings that are in it, we have the pain, sadness and obviously the fact of losing the one you love

  • jane

    It’s a tie between the Lion and the Lamb scene in Twilight and where Edward saves Bella from the car crash in the school parking lot in Twilight that started the love affair of Bella and Edward.

  • Nidah

    My favorite scene is the wedding scene. I loved that she was so nervous going down the aisle and then she sees Edward and thinks, I can do this. Then it is almost like she has to be held back so she won’t run to him. The music was perfect for it and I loved how it tied in with the honeymoon scene.

  • Suzy

    It’s going to have to be the scene where he puts his arm around her shoulder when they show up to school together for the first time in the first movie and says, “Since I’m going to hell…”

  • Thien Hoang

    My favorite scene from the Twilight Saga is the scene in Breaking Dawn Part 1 where Edward says “I’m so sorry for leaving you in this alone” and Bella defends him saying that it wasn’t his fault. It’s the first scene in the movie where they have a problem as a married couple. It connects more to life because it’s not a perfect fairytale. The characters have arguments and then they solve it by talking to each other. I think it’s a really touching scene.

  • Sara

    My favorite scene is from Breaking Dawn Part 1. At the end of the film when Bella is dying the flashes of her life, not only with Edward but getting to see Bella as a baby with her parents while her heartbeat is the background and Carter Burwell’s beautiful score. All together it makes for a beautiful scene and a perfect ending to the first part of the book. I could watch it over and over again.