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Countdown to ‘Forever’ – Remember ‘The Twilight Saga’ by submitting your favorite cast member moment (Week 5)

November 1, 2012

I loved reliving your favorite scenes with you on last week’s question!  There are so many great moments and scenes from the last four movies and I’m sure the list will grow with ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.’ You should go back and read the comments/answers to “What is your favorite scene from ‘The Twilight Saga’ films to date. I’m sure it will make you smile too!

Week four’s random drawing winner is Nidah, who’s favorite movie scene is Edward and Bella’s wedding in ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1.’ We also randomly drew two names to get the Jamba Juice bracelet sets! Those winners are Gemma, who’s  favorite movie moment is in the Cullen’s garage when Bella and Edward are going their separate ways to protect Bella from James in ‘Twilight,’ and Jane, who was torn between the Lion and Lamb sequence and the van almost taking out Bella, which kicked off the romance, in ‘Twilight.’

This week (WEEK 5) our question is:  WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CAST MEMBER MOMENT?

Have you met someone from the cast of  ‘The Twilight Saga’ that you had a memorable moment with or maybe you haven’t met anyone from the cast but there’s been an interview, a commentary or maybe a  discussion about cast member that is at the top of your list. Tell us and you will be entered to win some great Twilight prizes (see the rules below).

Our team shares their personal favorite cast member moments below:

Amy (@OhMyCarlisle)

You would think my answer would have something to do with Peter Facinelli, but it’s not. Although I have had some amazing, memorable and even giggle worthy moments with Peter that would fill in my Top 5 favorite moments, my most memorable is with Elizabeth Reaser. It took quite a long time to meet her and it when it happened it was completely unexpected.  It was at Comic Con 2011 in San Diego. After sleeping out for the ‘Breaking Dawn, Part 1’ panel, I ran back to my hotel room to drop off my gear. By the time I got back toward the line, things were bustling. I could tell they were interviewing someone in a corralled off area and then I saw it was Elizabeth! We had no indication that she was going to be there. I went over to the barrier and called out her name. She didn’t hear me, but her publicist did.  I just happened to be wearing my Esme Cullen t-shirt with Elizabeth’s face on it.  Her publicist brought Liz over to me and she was just incredibly lovely.  She signed my ‘Twilight’ novel with ‘“To Amy! Thank you for loving Esme! <3 Elizabeth Reaser.”  The craziest thing was that she knew who I was from online. Then I ended up doing an interview alongside Elizabeth for Access Hollywood. I did a full write up about that morning on my blog.  There were hundreds of people waiting in line that morning at Comic Con, and I was lucky enough to have such an incredible moment meeting the cast member I was dying to meet.  My best moment of Comic Con that year and my favorite cast member moment all happened before 7 AM on the first day of the Con! As unforgettable as it was for me, it also embedded me in Elizabeth’s mind because at the ‘Breaking Dawn, Part 1’ premiere months later she recognized me right away and pointed at me and went, “Comic Con!”

Kimmy (@kimmymary)

My favorite cast member moment would have to be when I got to be a co-host on the MTV live stream for the ‘Eclipse’ premiere, and when Robert Pattinson came up to do his interview, he accidentally swore and his reaction was hilarious when he realized it was live! It was cool to be able to watch all the cast members be interviewed, since I loved being able to see every cast member up close without having to freak out about coming up with interview questions, and yelling out to try to get them to talk to us. It was just an amazing experience.

Kimmy West working with MTV’s Josh Horowitz on the red carpet at ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ premiere in June 2010.

Submit your favorite scene “The Twilight Saga” cast member moment in the comments below. Make sure you register so we can get in touch with you. 

As we countdown to the premiere of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2,” we are asking for your help to relive the memories!  Each Thursday we propose a question related to The Twilight Saga experience and we are looking for your answers.  Our team will be sharing our memories as well.

We’ll highlight some of our favorite answers from each week when it gets closer to the premiere.

Along the way we will be cleaning out our prize closet! Each week we’ll draw a name from the submitted answers to win a prize.  Also, if your answer is chosen to be featured in the wrap up article, you will be getting a prize, too!    We have lots of great prizes to give away including Barbie dolls, Twilight jewelry, tote bags, t-shirts, posters sets and so much more!  If you get picked to receive a prize your prize will be selected by random drawing in November.

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Please note that all prizes will be mailed after the movie premieres in the U.S. on November 16.

Amy is a lifelong fangirl, who gets most excited over The Twilight Saga, Harry Potter, Disney, Star Trek, superhero movies, and Broadway musicals. She’s Twilight fan fiction writer, Esme Mom Cullen, and her work is (mostly) focused on her favorite ship – Carlisle and Esme. She has the sarcasm and wit of a born and raised Jersey Girl, even though she now makes her home in Southern California. She currently works in the areas of communications and corporate social responsibility.

  • http://www.facebook.com/slctwifans Kandi P.

    I have 3 that are on the top of my list first: During Twilight convention in SLC, there were not Alot in attendance & a few of us got to hang with Booboo & Fivel and play some games with them. Those games came in handy later that year by keeping my cousins kids occupied during a death in the family. I will be forever grateful for him taking time to hang with us.
    Second: Tinsel giving me a huge hug, props & remembering me at LA Twi-con, from the SLC con, for losing weight by participating in her WolfGirl Bootcamp.
    Third: My photo op with Alex Meraz in LA and him hitching my leg up. I just about died. Then when i had him sign it I told him my hubs would prob kill me & his reply was “Why? Because my paws are all over you?” Cheeky isn’t he!
    I have more but narrowed it to those. Thanks

  • http://teamkellanlutz.com Natasha Polis

    I never really share my cast moments, but since you asked…
    I’m a huge Kellan Lutz fan, as Amy knows, and will do just about anything to meet this man. But my favorite moment is his first Abbot and Main event at the Grove.
    At the Abbot and Main event, Kellan said something extremely sweet to me. I had already taken two photos with him since the amount of people there were slim, and was going in for the third photo. I said to him we need to mix it up, and do something different instead of pose and smile. He wasn’t helping, so I turned to my friend Alyssa and she said do something cute. Well duh! But Kellan pulled me in, put his hand in my hair, and said, “everything she does is cute.” I about died on the inside.
    I felt so special in that moment, it was also the first event where he remembered my name. I wish everyone could experience those special moments with the cast. I feel so blessed, and I know his words will stick with me forever.

  • sally jennings

    when emmitt said, dating an older woman, hot and they all looked at him like he was crazy.

  • Donita Pace

    Never had an “in person” experience – but I’d say my favorite experience WATCHING was when Robert jumped of the stage and ran into the crowd to kiss TAYLOR instead of Kristen for the MTV Movie Awards!! Shows a sense of humor, FINALLY relaxing on stage, and how those three are a TEAM!!

  • Sawsan

    I have never been able to meet anyone from the cast, but my favorite cast moment is after the first Twilight movie came out and everyone was unsure if Taylor Lautner would make it for New Moon and then he worked really hard and made it. Afterwards, while everyone was trying to get Kristen and Rob to talk in interviews, they (Kristen and Rob and the rest of the cast) completely supported Taylor and tried to bring the attention back to him during their appearances since they know what it means to him. That is the true love story, the one where everyone stays friends and supports each other rather than act like jealous divas when the attention is split. (Is putting my email on the side the same as registering?)

  • Lauren

    My favorite cast member moment was seeing the very first interviews with Rob and Kristen on the set of the first Twilight film!

  • Jenny B

    Hmm…..I love when Kristen dropped her first MTV movie award, just because I love how she is herself and can be awkward. I feel like I’m a lot like her in that way and it shows that you don’t have to be like your typical hollywood actress.

  • http://www.mandysmind.com Mandy

    Living in Vancouver, I have been very lucky to have several cast encounters, but my favourite was the first time I met Robert Pattinson.

    I was at a Sage & the Dills show (Nikki’s bff’s band) and sitting with a friend eating some dinner when she clawed my leg and said “he.just.walked.in”

    I turned my head, slurped my pasta into my mouth and saw ‘beanie Rob’ walking toward me!

    Later, I went and said hi, got a photo and my camera messed up. He was so patient, funny, we laughed and joked as I tried to fix my stupid camera to finally get my photo. Turns out someone else video taped the whole encounter – epic first encounter, luckily not my last.

    Ah, the good old days of New Moon filming =)

  • Yahaira Saad

    I think my favorite is a very recent, now ended interviews with Rob & Tay Mtv try to leave through a door at the same time and I did a lot of fun, see you after so long these three people are treated so wonderfully and are as friends, I love <3 the way in which they are …

  • Laura

    My favorite cast member is Robert Pattinson

  • Lisa rodriguez

    My favorite in person moment with a cast member was with kristen when she was signing autographs and this guy tried to have her sign his guitar .She very boldly said “look im not signing that, I know what your going to do with that and I am not signing it dude!. He was like Why not? and she was like look ur sick and i know what ur gonna do with it. My guess is sell it but if she knew he was gonna do something nasty with it then im glad she didnt sign it lol

  • Dani

    I just went to the convention for the first time. The best, although a little akward, was meeting Booboo Stewart. He is so sweet and took time with everyone. When I walked up to him, he looked right at my pendants that I made. They said “BD2″ on one and “11-16-12″ on the other, he asked if it was a measurement or something & I had to explain what it stood for and the date the movie releases in most states, it releases on the 15th here.

    I had him sign the new hardcover Twilight movie book, which he had not seen previously. So he looks through about a quarter of the book and his mom says “why don’t you just have story time Booboo, you can read it & show everyone the pictures in it.” He signed it and gave me a hug, which he did for everyone, it was so sweet! The set up for his booth was much more personal and comfortable than the way Creation set up the other autograph sessions. I tweeted him & thanked him & we tweeted back!

  • Steph

    my 1st time seeing alex I was speechless cuz this was my 1st time seeing him and just seeing any celebrity period lol it was when twilight just 1st came out and I could have talk but I couldn’t I just stare at me and probably that I was deaf lol but the 2nd time was when he came to s.a and he like my question I asked :) and got to actually to talk and hug him while I got my pic with him and I also met kellan and he sign my coach cover!!! :D and said it was a Emmett Cullen Coach edition and I was just said yes it is and laugh lol my fav moment other then see Alex of course :D

  • Audrey Swanderski

    My favorite cast member moment was when Chaske was telling everyone about how Bronson got football banned from the set because it kicked a muddy ball and his shoe flew off and hit Kiowa in the face just as he was walking out of make up

  • http://Twitter.com/@MitzLove Maritza Velazquez

    My FAVORITE in person moment with a twilight cast member(s) was just last week on Thursday November 1st. I won passes to meet Charley Bewley and Daniel Cudmore, I met them along with another fan on our local Chicago station. We got to ask them a couple questions on Live tv! When the segment was over, I guess our microphones were still on and Charlie started talking to all of us in his loud SEXY Australian accent when one of the behind the scenes people on the set had to kindly shush him because he was interrupting the news! HAHA!! His facial reaction was sooo funny and cute at the same time! He looked a bit embarassed but we just giggled and he joked about it. LOL! By the way, they were the NICEST guys EVER! Didn’t I mention SEXY too?? I’m sooo lucky to have gotten this AWESOME moment I will cherish FOREVER!

  • Devon Cucarese

    My fav Twi star moment was meeting Kellan during the TwiCon Convention. The convention was horribly put together, but Kellan made it all worthwhile. I told him he was so adorable that I would love to pinch his cheeks. To my surprise, he said “go ahead” and offered me one cheek and then the other! Sweet guy!!

  • Brittany Gray

    Unfortunately, I haven’t met any of the cast. However, I loved an interview that Rob Pattinson did where he was talking about the most difficult scene for him. He said, “Probably the scene where I have to look at the guys who are hassling Bella, and the description in the script was that he gives a line so devilish, so animalistic in its rage, in its fury that it terrifies four grown men, and coming out with my little bouffant hair-do, white makeup and pea coat, it was quite difficult to look very scary … It was tough, I nearly quit because of that,” I crack up every time I read it. LOL.

  • Laura P

    I have two favorite moments. One was at the very first twilight convention in San Francisco I got the opportunity to have my picture taken with Kellan. It was my first con ever and I was shaking with anticipation. I didn’t know what to Fodor my photo so I asked him if he could pick me up and hold me bridal style for the photo and he did. It was a surreal experience. I couldn’t believe that Kellan did that. My other favorite experience with a cast member was also with Kellan. It was at a Hot Topic event for New Moon. My friend and I waited 7 hours for the q&a with Ashley and Kellan so we were rigt in front of the barrier. During the q&a one of the questions was “what does a vampire smell like?” Kellan being the good that he is came into the crowd and asked the audience to smell him and I was the audience member he went to. I will never forget either of these moments

  • michelle

    My favorite cast member experience was when I meet Charlie Bewley. he is such a fun guy, he sign my book and wrote charlie bit me! and when he was signing it he said it with and accent, I became team Charlie since that day :)

  • Melissa

    My favorite cast moment was meeting BooBoo Stewart. I meet BooBoo at the Raleigh/Durham Twilight Convention. I went back up to our room to get the camera that we somehow forgot and to drop off some of the items we bought. I was in a hurry to get back to the ball room to see Mia and Carmen and got on the elevator and accidentally pushed the up button and when the elevator stopped BooBoo and his father got on and I ended up being their guide. BooBoo was so awesome!!

  • http://twitter flowers

    My favorite of them all is Robert Pattinson. I love how he sounds so sweet and smoothly. I think he is very sexy!!

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