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Countdown to ‘Forever’ – Remembering ‘The Twilight Saga’ (Final Post)

November 25, 2012

It took us a little longer than expected to go through the Countdown to ‘Forever’ comments. There were so many great responses and I hope you’ll go back and read through the comments from each week. Thank you for sharing your stories with us and the fandom. We have narrowed it down to our favorite submission from each week and hope you enjoy these fan moments as well.

Week 1
What is your favorite moment from ‘The Twilight Saga’ books that didn’t make it in the movies?

From the many responses I can tell you that the moments fans miss the most are the meadow scene as written in ‘Twilight,’ the blood typing class, Bella almost fainting when being kissed, and the rapid fire discussions that Edward and Bella have as they get to know each other.  Many of you missed there being more on the backstories of other characters, especially Alice. With Alice, you also wanted to see the closeness between Bella and Alice, which I absolutely agree on. In ‘Breaking Dawn’ you missed Jacob and Rosalie’s banter especially with the dog bowl, but we do know that was filmed and most likely will eventually see in a DVD release.

Our favorite submission came from Mirjam:

I was really sad when I noticed that a scene from the book New Moon, wasn’t in the movie New Moon. It’s the scene where Bella, Alice and Edward just leaved the Volturi and they are waiting there until they are allowed to go. In the book Bella thinks that Edward still doesn’t love her.. so she is trying to make not so much contact at all. Edward thinks she hates him because he left her. Its a really beautifull scene because you can feel the pain off Bella. I almost cried, because its a sad, painfull and beautifull scene. It’s a pity it isn’t in the movie.  But I still think that the people who made the movies, did it really good! Its really though to film the perfect books from Stephenie Meyer!! X

Week 2
What is the one question you would ask Stephenie Meyer?

Quite a few questions were about what Stephenie will write next or if she will return to ‘The Twilight Saga’ in writing in the future.  There were many questions about rewrites of the books or redoing things in the movie and if she could would she?  There were questions about Renesmee and Leah and their futures.

The question that caught our attention, and one that we think is so essential to Bella’s ‘forever,’ came from Julii:

Oh goodness, the one thing I would ask Stephenie? There’s so many. I think, since she has an idea about happens with characters “after Breaking Dawn,” I just want to know how Bella deals with Renee. What she tells her. Does she tell her she’s a vampire? Does she see her? I think that one thing will always bug me.

Week 3
Who is your favorite non-trio character and why?

There were votes for Alice, Emmett, Carmen, Rosalie, Esme, Carlisle, Emily, Charlie,  Paul, Marcus, Renesmee, Jasper, and Angela.

The most unique answer came from Gemma, whose favorite non-trio character was based on the impact he had on other characters – her choice was James.

My favourite no-trio character would have to be James. I know he is a horrible, bad vampire but I really think this is when you really test Bella and Edward’s relationship and it shows that they do love each other. I think that the character tests their relationship not just for Bella and Edward but for the whole Cullen Coven.

Week 4
What is your favorite scene from ‘The Twilight Saga’ films to date?

My favorite, the proposal in ‘Eclipse,’ had several votes and so did the baseball scene, some of Bella’s first interactions with Edward from ‘Twilight’ and the honeymoon in ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1.’

The wedding and moments from the wedding received the most votes and we think Kim captured what made that scene so enthralling so she is our choice for week four:

It’s hard to pick just one, but if I had to it would be when Bella is waiting to walk down the aisle to get married. She looks terrified, scared, nervous…… keeps looking around the Cullens and peeking out at the wedding party, even asking Charlie not to let her fall. Then that beautiful music slowly begins, as she fiddles with her flowers, fidgeting all the time until she turns the corner (peeks at Stephenie Meyer with a smile which is precious), then her eyes settle on her true love Edward. No more nervousness, she nearly dances the rest of the way, as the music swells, never taking her eyes off Edward.

Week 5
What is your favorite cast member moment?

There were several stories about great interactions with Booboo Stewart and Charlie Bewley. There also were some favorite interview moments and cast member moments like when Kristen Stewart dropped her MTV Movie Award – in all fairness to Kristen, I recently got to hold a golden popcorn and I would never have expected it to be as heavy as it is.

Our choice for favorite moment comes from Mandy though because I think nearly everyone would want their moment to begin with Robert Pattinson walked into the bar…

Living in Vancouver, I have been very lucky to have several cast encounters, but my favourite was the first time I met Robert Pattinson.
I was at a Sage & the Dills show (Nikki’s bff’s band) and sitting with a friend eating some dinner when she clawed my leg and said “he just walked in.”
I turned my head, slurped my pasta into my mouth and saw ‘beanie Rob’ walking toward me!
Later, I went and said hi, got a photo and my camera messed up. He was so patient, funny, we laughed and joked as I tried to fix my stupid camera to finally get my photo. Turns out someone else video taped the whole encounter – epic first encounter, luckily not my last.
Ah, the good old days of New Moon filming =)

Week 6
What is your favorite Twilight experience/memory?

Our random winner for week 6 is Lisa Rodriguez who had a great experience meeting and hanging out with Jackson Rathbone.  Our Jamba Juice bracelet set winner is Lauren who has enjoyed keeping up with the Saga by watching and reading everything she can get her hands on.

I felt like this question was the most personal and for me it was a memorable experience with Stephenie Meyer when she remember me!  I was thrilled to see her again at Camp Twilight this year and when she saw me she smiled and said, “I know you!” How I went from reading a borrowed copy of ‘Twilight’almost four years ago  to the author remembering me and being happy to see me, I’ll never know. Kimmy talked about her awesome visit to the set of ‘New Moon.’

There were two themes submitted that dominated this week – experiences with ‘Twilight Saga’ cast members and the friendships that have been formed because of these books.

Stacey’s experience resonated with me because I think it echoes the growth and the journey so many of us have taken thanks to ‘The Twilight Saga:’

The memory I will take with me forever is making friends my freshmen year of high school through this book. And then going to the movies with friends for the first time, to see twilight. I will never forget sitting in the middle and taking in the world that Stephenie Meyer created on paper. Then seeing the world recreated on film from the vision of Catherine Hardwicke. Now I’m going to see the last film while I’m in my freshmen year of College and it almost seems full circle to me. The books were an escape for me and helped me make friends. And I will always remember my first experience to movies with friends, being that the movie was twilight just makes it more special.

Thank you again for all of your submissions and your enthusiasm. Twilight fans are the best! I encourage everyone to go back and read the comments from the six weeks.

So where do we go from here?  All winners will receive an email this week requesting your address so we can mail you your prizes.

Where do we go from here….

As many of you know, the Page to Premiere Network began in 2007 with the ‘Twilight’ fansite HisGoldenEyes.com.  We will continue to follow any news regarding ‘The Twilight Saga’ and its book to screen life as this the purpose of Page to Premiere.  We hope that you will stay with us as we continue to expand our coverage to include other film and television adaptions. As we look toward the end of this year and toward 2013, we will be covering ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,’ ‘Les Miserable,’ ‘The Host,’ ‘Beautiful Creatures,’ ‘Warm Bodies,’ ‘The Mortal Instruments,’ ‘The Great Gatsby,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘True Blood,’ ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,’ and so much more.  Make sure you are following us on twitter, facebook and tumblr for updates.


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