Four Actors Have Auditioned for Four in ‘Divergent’ With Shailene Woodley – Who Should Get the Part?

November 14, 2012

TheFilmStage.com is reporting that chemistry-reads have happened for the role of Four in Divergent:

“Although no one has come out on top, actors include Brenton Thwaites (who is starring opposite Angelina Jolie in the upcoming Maleficent), X-Men First Class and Stoker star Lucas Till, Monte Carlo‘s Luke Bracey, as well as Jack Reynor, who led the TIFF drama What Richard Did (which we quite liked) and joins Vince Vaughn in the upcoming comedy The Delivery Man.”

Check out images of them below, and sound off in the comments about who would be your perfect Four!

Brenton Thwaites:

Lucas Till:

Luke Bracey:

Jack Reynor:

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  • Jocelyne L.

    For starters, Luke Bracey looks far too old for the role. Otherwise, Brenton Thwaites or Jack Reynor look right. I don’t know them from any movies, though, so I can’t really decide based on their experience.

  • Julia

    ^ I agree with Jocelyne. The first thing that popped into my head when I saw Luke Bracey was “Ewww he looks way too old.” In the book I was already a little peeved at the whole girl dating her teacher thing (even if they were only 2 years apart) but if he were cast it would just make it even more awkward….

    I think Jack Reynor looks the most like what I imagined. Brenton Thwaites is also cute, but he looks a bit too boyish in my opinion. I guess we’ll find out though!

  • Anonymous

    i think that none of these ppl fit the character. i think that Colton Haynes should play the role of FOUR

  • Rachel

    Brenton or Jack are closest to what I pictured. Lucas fits more in the “Peter” catagory

  • majo

    ben barnes

  • diana


  • kimberlyann

    the first and the last look way too young. Luke looks too old. Lucas looks the right age and has that Divergent look to him, but he’s not cute enough! I’m bummed.

  • Samantha

    I totally picture Jack Reynor as Four. But Max Thieriot would be awesome too EVEN though hes not on the list. :D

  • numra

    Idec I’m just happy Alex Ludwig isn’t locked in to be Four LOL

  • vicky

    Brenton looks too smooth and baby-faced, all the online pics I see of Lucas show him as too young as well. Luke is definitely too old looking, especially if sequels will be filmed. Jack is too soft, Four should be more chiseled. I like the Colton Haynes and Max Thieriot suggestions.

  • Detergent

    Jack Reynor actually might not be bad. He has that intense look in his eyes, but that can also be let down to reveal a softer side.

    Lucas Till just doesn’t look right to me. I know he would wind up having his hair dyed but I just dont think it would fit with his face and colouring.

    Luke Bracey just doesnt look idk, intense enough to do it. He has that all american look to him. Whoever plays Four should have a distinct look to them.

    Brenton Thwaites sorry but no, he just puts me to much in mind of Andrew Garfield.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Bracey looks way too old. The other three I wouldn’t mind so much! I’m not a huge fan of Lucas Till but if they decided to cast him it would be better than Ludwig.

  • Aelia

    Luke Bracey looks like he’s in his 30s. like, ew! No! No four for him.

  • Tiffani Andersen

    I think Brenton Thwaites could play Four really well!

  • http://www.twitter.com/toribabybaby Tori

    Brenton was in the show called Slide on Teen Nick. He is Australian & it was an Australian production. I could see him as Four. Or Jack. They both could look & act the part.
    I actually really hope Colton Haynes & Drew Roy (from Falling Skies) are asked to do a read-through. They seem like they could be great Four’s too. & pair well with Shaliene.
    Basically I’m just really stoked for the movie in 2014. I immediately connected with the books. Very great story. & for this being Veronica Roth’s first series, wow. She deserves all the praise.

  • aFan

    I’d go with Jack Reynor. In the book, Four is described as someone who looks tough but has a shyness quality about him and I think Jack may fit that category because of the way he looks. But since I haven’t seen his acting chops yet, I can’t tell if he would actually be great for the part. Look-wise though, he’s got it in the bag.

  • lizardlilly

    The first and the last look most Four like to me even though I’m sure the others are great actors, those two just physically look the most like Tobias to me.. personally, yup.

  • http://dazzlingreads.blogspot.ca Natalia Belikov

    Lucas Till is my perfect four! In this picture he looks horrible but he’s actually very good looking and has a lot of acting experience!! I totally trust his skill =D
    He should definitely get the role! <3 *sigh*

  • Scavenger

    I am really hoping there are actually more contenders. Remember that Four is a couple years older than Tris, so I don’t think any of them looks too old. At first consideration, none of these 4 candidates seem to have the right gravity and look, but we’ll see. I like the choice of Shailene W for Tris, so I will try to keep an open mind.

  • Maggie Hanes

    Michael Vlamis hands down.

  • Ginthemusicmama

    Jack Reynor hands down!

  • Krysta

    Jack reynor!!!

  • Anonymous

    Jack reynor definately

  • Anonymous

    Brenton Thwaites!!!