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Update from Page to Premiere’s editors regarding Kristen Stewart possible Golden Globe nomination

November 28, 2012

UPDATE – NOTE FROM THE  EDITORS OF PAGE TO PREMIERE, Kimmy and Amy (8:18 PM PT, November 28): In reference to the article that appeared on Page to Premiere today entitled, “Kristen Stewart is a Possible Nominee for Golden Globe 2013″ we wants to clarify that Kristen Stewart attending The Variety Studio: Awards Edition event does not guarantee that she is being nominated for a 2013 Golden Globe Award for “On the Road.” It is purely speculation at this time. The  2013 Golden Globe Award nominations will be announced on December 13, 2012.  The Variety Studio was launched this year so there is no precedence to indicate that actors and actresses who attend this event will be nominated for a Golden Globe. Several actors on hand at The Variety Studio today have no projects out that are eligible for 2013 Golden Globe nominations. 

It was an error on the part of our staff to indicate that Kristen’s attendance at today’s event indicates a nomination. We deeply regret this error and apologize for any confusion it has caused.


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  • Amy

    This would be awesome!

  • Char

    Awesome!! She was really great and so beautiful to watch! I hope skeptical people will stop to typecast her! She’s so talented!

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  • Anonymous

    She deseves it!!!!!

  • Eric E. Cohen

    I have been waiting for this movie for about one hundred years . I am glad for Kristen Stewart.She is beautiful.

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  • Rory

    She is such a young talented actress and i admired her talent not her personal live(not our bussines), SHE DESERVES IT!!!!!!

  • Edeard

    Great news. Good luck to her and Garret!

    I’d like to point out that most critics have been anything but wary with their praise for many of Kristen’s performances throughout her career. Outside of Twilight, she generally gets very good reviews. So I have to question that first line.

  • Kdelle

    This is the best news ever,it’s Awesome and so is Kristen…Go Kristen!!!,you have alot of people on your side.

  • Kdelle

    And I should add that she’s fantastic as Marylou in OTR.

  • romina


  • Rory

    And i see OTR too, i can’t take my eyes of Kristen as Marylou in every scenes and she’s never afraid take risk role to her acting! Great job Kristen for OTR

  • Rory

    And i see OTR too, i can’t take my eyes of Kristen as Marylou in every scenes and she’s never afraid take risk role to her acting! Great job Kristen for OTR

  • livia

    It makes me laugh when crazy fans of Stewart are gushing she is hard at work for OTR. seriously?? This one dimensional actress is hard at work because she is trying to improve/rehabilitate her damaged image by cheating with a married man. She does not deserve any nomination at all. Her PR are hard at work too to divert the attention to her career. Please, she is not that outstanding at all in OTR. There are lots of much much better actresses out there. Spirit awards just showed us that she does not deserve anything.

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  • Whoops

    I love the fact that “livia” up in this comment section is thoroughly and completely owned by Kristen. Taking the time out of her time to spread out vitriol against Stewart shows dedication. She claims Kristen is “one dimensional” but she doesn’t realize Kristen is clearly beyond that to be able to draw this much emotion from a person, good or bad. For that reason alone, I believe Kristen is that powerful.

  • Kimberly

    Ummmmm….. ugh!

  • Lailah

    I don’t think just because she was in twilight that defines her as an actress. I just don’t think she’s very good. On The Road wasn’t a very good movie, sorry to say. Her acting was mediocre at best. She had sex, gave two guys a hand a job, and danced. That’s it. She wasn’t spectacular or anything. Definetly an improvement from her Twilight performances but that’s not saying much.

  • Port

    Jonah Hill was nominated for an Oscar.
    If he can get a nom, so can she. Just saying.