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‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ B-Roll (Behind the Scenes Footage)

November 18, 2012

Check out this official B-Roll footage from ‘Breaking – Dawn – Part 2,’ where you can see how they shot the movie from behind the scenes! The crazy thing about films is that they are more pieced-together than you would ever imagine, and in this movie, special effects are used in places you probably didn’t expect. Have you gone to theaters to watch the movie yet? Sound off in the comments: What did you think of ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’? No spoilers please!

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  • Gemma

    I though Breaking Dawn Part 2 was amazing! Loved the twist!!

    BTW i won a Jamba Juice bracelet in one of the competitions and didn’t contact you. how do i receive it??

  • johanna

    Does anybody know in which scene they played the song All I’ve Ever Needed? Can anybody remember? Thanks =)

  • Gemma

    I don’t think i heard the song in the film so it was probably in the end credits but i’m not 100% sure!

  • Kristen

    I always love watching behind the scenes! It really gives you a look at how the actors are without the cameras rolling. I can’t imagine being an actor! All the movement around us would be very distracting. >_< Kudos to them! The movie was amazing and I'll probably see it again. :]

  • December

    I love how at 2:20 Aro has his hair up in a clip. The Romanians were, in my opinion, the best coven. I was really looking forward to the Irish but was very let down by the fact that they didn’t have that big of a part. They best cast vampw were Garrett and Benjamin.