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‘Hush, Hush’ Optioned by LD Entertainment for Possible Four Film Franchise

December 6, 2012

Becca Fitzpatrick’s ‘Hush Hush’ series has been optioned by LD Entertainment, according to Entertainment Weekly. Greek creator Patrick Sean Smith is writing the script for the first installment to a possible franchise based on the four-book series. “It’s a big month for me. I’m just trying to handle one thing at a time. It’s been in the works for almost a year! When I’m writing, I see it very visually in my head, so I feel it will be very easy to adapt,” Fitzpatrick shared. She also says that she “started writing Hush, Hush almost ten years ago, so was picturing actors who are obviously now too old to play the parts.” She pictured Steven Strait for Patch and Emmy Rossum for Nora, “but that won’t work anymore,” she admits. Thanks to DivergentShadow for the tip! For the comments: Are you a fan of Hush, Hush? Who would you want to play Nora and Patch?

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  • numra

    I only read the first book but I have to say, Emmy Rossum is EXACTLY who pictured Nora to look like lol. But I guess she’s too old now…I don’t have any favorites for Nora and Patch, anyone would be good…although I do hope they cast a poc for Patch, like a latino or someone not white simply because there are so many ya book-to-movie adaptions out now that don’t have a poc male or even female main character, if that makes sense lol

  • Cécilia

    Hurray, Twilight bis… *roll eyes*

  • Jill

    I can’t wait for this movie and any that follow! I can’t say I would like Emmy Rossum as Nora, but that could just be because I don’t like her. I am kind of used to imagining Patch looking like the guy on the covers though.

  • denisse

    i LOVE the first one, and hate the second one, i haven’t read the other two, but i think i would like to see a movie.

  • Shannon

    I am dying to audition for this movie! if anyone can provide me with details on who to contact for auctions that would be amazing

  • Shannon

    I am dying to audition for this movie! if anyone can provide me with details on who to contact for auditions that would be amazing

  • Vang

    I heard on Wendy Higgin’s (writer of the novel Sweet Evil) blog that a model named Wade Poezyn, who is training to be an actor, is going to audition for Patch’s part. He’s super cute. :)

  • Anfivious

    Alex Pettyfer as Patch, and Jenniffer Lawrence as Nora *0*

  • Roadrunner

    I’m up to the last book in the series and I could totally see Liam Hemsworth as patch

  • Anonymous

    Benjamin stone would be an epic patch :)

  • Caitie Jordan

    I am so happy that my favorite series is being turned into a movie!! im dieing to audition too. (i am an undiscovered actress) so if anyone has any details or wants to contact me:
    twitter: @Caitie_Jordan

  • Erin

    So excited that this is becoming a movie, always Louis Prades looked exactly how I pictured Patch.

  • Jessica B

    Would like to audition if anyone has any details let me know :)

  • Andrea Mev

    Just to say: if you choose Kaya Scodelario as Nora Grey it’d be the best person you could to, I’d like Emmy if she was younger and … I just think she looks so innocent for the post-not-innnocent-Nora =)

  • Daryl Ann

    I have only read the first book because they dont have the rest of the series at my school… But the day I got it I was hooked on it! I finished it the day I got it and absolutely love. You guys should really make a movie for and when you do dont shove all four books into one. prolong it and make us want more after the first movie.!

  • Daryl Ann

    It was disappointing after reading the beautiful creatures series and then I saw the movie. and the screwed a lot up in the movie!

  • Sarah Nitchman

    I think Justin Bieber would be good for Patch. I think Ashley Tisdale or Selena Gomez would be good for Nora.

  • darklord

    I think a new face could be better.but for known actors i think two options for patch: first steven strait he is a little old for patch and the second one is taylor lautner who is known by everyone as jacob in twilight

  • Allie Walls


  • Allie Walls

    Steven Strait YES but Taylor Lautner NO

  • Symone

    STEVEN STRAIT for patch and AIMEE TEEGARDEN for Nora. – she’s a brunette now :D

  • Joanne Walker

    I Want to audition sOSOSOSo bad but I think I know who could play a PERFECT Patch guys… Chris Gayla! He has the perfect shape for the Part and the PERFECT hair and has the Bronx additude since he is from the bronx… Bad Boy perfect guys!

  • Emma Rose

    I’m with you it would ruin the series for life! I think a good Nora would be Nina Dobrev. But I don’t know who would be a good patch but maybe Theo James??

  • Jane

    I think Aimee Teegarden would be better for Vee

  • Jane

    For Patch I think Oliver Goodwill would be amazing! <3 :O

  • Jane

    You’re right, he would make a good Patch. Hopefully he gets it.

  • Mariana

    Well, i really wanted to do audiction, but i don’t know where to cast it, or if the characters are already chosen……although what about Douglas Booth for Patch ?
    Pls, there’s anyone that can help me ?
    contact me on twitter : 1D_mariana1