Beautiful Creatures

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‘Beautiful Creatures’ Release Date Moved

January 18, 2013

Warner Bros previously announced that ‘Beautiful Creatures’ would be released on February 13, but new information says that it won’t be released that day after all.

The new released date is February 14. Warner Bros made the decision to release the movie on Valentine’s Day, hoping to draw in the Valentines audience. But it is not the only movie that will be out that day, it will be in competition with ‘Escape From Planet Earth’, ‘A Good Way To Die Hard’ and ‘Safe Heaven’ which also hit theaters on Valentines.

How are you feeling about having to wait one more day? Sound off in the comment section below!



  • Sawsan

    Either day is good for me since I may not be able to see it until the weekend anyway. It just would have tempted me to leave other responsibilities since I have trouble resisting once I put something in my head. As long as it is only a day extra and not a week, I’m good.

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