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Discussion: Will Kate Winslet Play Tori, Jeanine Matthews, or Natalie Prior in ‘Divergent’?

January 24, 2013

UPDATE: It has been announced that Kate Winslet will play Jeanine!

Kate Winslet is in final negotiations to join Divergent in an unknown role. So of course we have to do some speculating before the probable final announcement! The three parts I’m thinking are the most likely for her to play are Tori, Jeanine Matthews, or Natalie Prior (Tris’ mother).

Jeanine Matthews

I’m thinking Jeanine is a likely role for Kate because it’s meaty…and somewhat evil! She’s seriously lacking in morals. Who doesn’t like playing the bad guy? They’re often the most interesting parts! Jeanine is the leader of the Euridite faction, which is the faction of knowledge, intelligence, and astuteness. She was elected the leader of the faction completely due to her IQ being the highest, and she created the aptitude test. She is a prime antagonist, writing articles to try to ruin the public opinion of Abegnation. This causes people to question the actual selflessness of the faction, and makes people think of the members as greedy. She also creates a serum that allows her to control the minds of the Divergent, and will them to murder members of Abegnation. She knows the truth about the factions and wants to keep everyone inside them, with Euridite as the most powerful. Would you like to see Kate play the bad guy?

Jeanine’s Description: She has sharp, but attractive eyes. They are a watery, gray color, like melted steel. She wears glasses and you can tell just by looking at her that she’s intelligent. Her face is attractive, and she has a layer of pudge around her middle and stretch marks on her knees. Her voice is like razor’s edge, it’s harsh, like it’s cluttered with rocks and broken glass. She has trimmed fingernails, that later appear to have been bitten raw. She is more machine than maniac, she sees problems and forms solutions based on the data she collects.


Tori administers Tris’ aptitude test in the first novel of the trilogy, gives her the news that she is Divergent, and warns her about the dangers of being so. She is a tattoo artist in the Dauntless faction, after transferring from Euridite, and becomes a close friend to Tris. She inspired (and is the artist behind) Tris’ iconic tattoo of birds – Tori’s red-eyed black and white hawk on the back of her neck, symbolizes the sun and reminds her that she overcame her fear of the dark. She is seen killing a man under the simulation at the end of Divergent, and at first it is unknown if she survived the end of the first novel. Her age is never mentioned, but due to her description I think she’d be around Kate’s age. Tori would be an interesting and edgy role for Kate, much less obvious than Jeanine or Natalie, so I’d be surprised. Also, Tori is described as Asian, so they’d be making a huge departure from a specific racial description.

Tori’s Description: She has small dark angular eyes and straight black hair with a few streaks of gray. On the back of her neck is a tattoo of a black and white hawk with a red eye. When she smiles the corners of her eyes usually crinkle.

Natalie Prior

Of course the first part everyone jumps to for Kate is Natalie Prior, Caleb and Tris’ mother. She is a devoted member of Abnegation, and is seemingly completely selfless, unlike Tris who makes it clear in the beginning of the novel that being selfless is not the right fit for her. This difference between mother and daughter creates tension in their relationship, and both of her children eventually decide to transfer to different factions in the first novel (Tris to Dauntless and Caleb to Euridite) and leave her and their father behind. Though many parents feel betrayed if their children leave the faction they were born into, Natalie smiles at Tris when she chooses Dauntless (due to some awesome character backstory that I won’t spoil here). Although I’m sure Kate would be a brilliant Natalie, I’m thinking she might go after the somewhat juicier role of Jeanine. What do you think, would Kate take the role of Natalie over Tori or Jeanine?

Natalie’s Description: Pretty with high cheekbones, dimpled cheeks, and pale green eyes that are framed by long eyelashes. She is thin, and when her hair is down it hangs in waves over her shoulders. She smells like soap and laundry detergent and there are lines around her mouth that get deeper when she hums.

This certainly is an exciting development, and although she isn’t confirmed as cast yet, we’re all crossing our fingers that she’ll be a part of Divergent! Since she’s never been a part of a franchise before, she must be pretty passionate about whichever part she is in talks for. This is why I’m pretty sure she’ll be playing Jeanine if she joins the film – she’s a very central and interesting character. Be sure to sound off in the comments if you think she’ll be playing Jeanine, Tori, or Natalie – or none of the above?

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  • Aelia

    They won’t just cast Kate Winslet as anyone who’s minor or dies in the book. (not saying who) So I’m going with Jeanine. Very big.

  • Anonymous

    Jeanine Matthews!!!!!!! SHE WILL BE PERFECT AS HER!

  • Anonymous

    I think she’d be good as tris’s mother. I don’t think she’s really be that edgy of a Jeanine but who knows. Have there been any casting possibilities of four ?!!

  • http://msn.it trimmel

    Jeanine! I don’t think she should play a mom again! Interesting that Jeanine has stretch marks on her knees!

  • aFan

    Jeanine hands down for me. I mean, an A-lister like her playing a small role? Plus playing the baddie will surely boost her acting creds…..

  • MajorFilmFan

    DEFINATELY Jeanine Mathews. There’s no way they’d cast Tris’ Mom so early on in casting, and Kate is NOT Tori. There’s no way.

  • MajorFilmFan

    Just a quick FYI, in a press release today about all their upcoming movies, one of the Executives at Summit confirmed that Kate HAS signed on, although he wouldn’t reveal as who. Up to this point, her casting had only been a rumor/negotiations. He also confirmed that Alex Pettyfer HAS NOT been cast as Four, despite a lot of rumors circulating the Internet

  • XRumerTest

    Hello. And Bye.