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Shailene Woodley On What Inspired Her To Take ‘Tris’ Role & Veronica Roth On ‘Divergent’ Shooting Location

January 31, 2013

Veronica Roth shared her excitement about Divergent’s shooting location on her official website :

Filming for the Divergent movie will be happening in the spring– in Chicago! I am beyond happy that this worked out. I love Chicago. I’ve lived here for most of my life, and the city was obviously a huge inspiration for the books. I can’t really express how cool it is that the city represented in the movie will be the actual city that I love. They’re also reporting that this could create something like 1,000 local jobs and put some money into the Chicago economy, which makes me extra happy.


Hollywood Crush released a video of Shailene Woodley’s interview with Josh Horowitz. Shailene explained how she felt about being cast as Tris Prior in the upcoming movie adaptation. The actress was at the Sundance Film Festival to promo her movie ‘The Spectacular Now’.

I’ve been acting for 16 years, and it was never something that I wanted to do, to be in a big blockbuster film, especially one that was similar to ‘Hunger Games’ or ‘Twilight.’ You know, one that had a huge pre-existing fan base and one that would carry on for multiple years.

After I read the book, I was really profoundly moved, and it’s really metaphorical for things that are going on today, specifically things that I’m passionate about and things that I want to make public and things that I want to educate people on.

Watch the full video below :