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Television Pilot Based on ‘Delirium’ by Lauren Oliver Ordered by Fox

January 23, 2013

Author of Delirium, Lauren Oliver, has revealed that a pilot has been ordered based on her bestselling novel:

I am SO HAPPY to finally tell you all that a pilot for DELIRIUM has been ordered by the Fox Network! That’s right, DELIRIUM might be coming to you soon as a TV SERIES! The deal is that Fox, which initially optioned the books for film, decided that due to the complexity of all the side plots and characters, the Delirium series might be better suited for TV, as we’d have a chance to explore all of those elements. I am super psyched because that has always been my preference (for those of you that have read some of my interviews, you know that I LOVE anything that can be done while in pajamas, such as writing and watching television!). We’ve been assembling all the moving parts to make that happen over the past few months.

The pilot adaptation was written by Karyn Usher (Prison Break), and only time will tell if the pilot will actually make it to air, and then after that, make it without being cancelled. The world of television is very cut throat! I’m sure you all are hoping the show is a success, and we’ll keep you posted.

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  • http://sippingonhistory.org Vera

    can’t wait for this! I loved the books, and a tv series… better than a movie!! :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/HungerGamesBookclub Hunger Games Bookclub

    This is very exciting news! Just finished reading Delirium and Pandemonium for 3rd time.