‘The Fault in Our Stars’ Movie IMDB Page Launched

January 28, 2013

This really isn’t big news, just wanted to point that out, but I also found it exciting. The upcoming adaptation of John Green’s novel The Fault in Our Stars now has an IMDB page. This normally means that the film has actually made considerable progress towards pre-production, and isn’t just a “maybe” type of project, although it’s still listed as “in development” and does not have a cast or director. There are plenty of films that have also had IMDB pages made and then disappeared back into negotiations so, this does not mean anything is set in stone yet.

Wyck Godfrey is producing the adaptation, with a screenplay (that John Green himself called “beautiful”) written by the folks behind (500) Days of Summer. We spoke to Wyck Godfrey about the film and he called the script “as good if not better” than the book. On the film adaptation of his novel, John Green said, “One of the benefits of having a book sell pretty well is that they suddenly get extremely motivated out there in Hollywood. So hopefully that will continue to develop quickly, but it will at least be another year.”

I remember back in the day when The Hunger Games first launched it’s IMDB page…so much more to come in the future, and I’m so excited to see my favorite book come to life.

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  • kimberlyann

    Oh wow, I had no idea. I guess I should know by now that when I read a really good YA book, it’s going to be a movie lol