Three Actors Testing for Role of Tobias / Four in ‘Divergent’ This Week

January 8, 2013

According to Variety, Divergent has almost found it’s male lead. They report that Lucas Till, Jeremy Irvine and Alex Pettyfer are testing for the role this week, which is a much smaller list than was previously announced. Lucas Till is most well known for X-Men: First Class, Jeremy Irvine for War Horse and Alex Pettyfer for Magic Mike and I Am Number Four. As others have speculated, Lucas Till may have a lead on the other two because he is the only actor from the first group tested, to return in this second session.

Shailene Woodley has already joined the cast as the main lead, Tris Prior, and Neil Burger (Limitless) is attached to direct the film for Summit Entertainment. It was also previously announced that the film will actually be shot in Chicago, where the book is set. Who would you like to join the cast of Divergent as Four / Tobias?

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  • Mimi

    I’m rooting for Lucas Till, then. I can’t see Alex and Jeremy as Four!

  • aFan

    I prefer Lucas over the other two… Alex is more of a Peter kinda guy. He just has that bad guy vibe going on. Jeremy may be able to pull it off. I mean, Four was described as tough yet has a shyness to him and boyish smile. But right now Lucas has an edge over him… Here’s hoping they pick the right one!!! ^_^

  • Anonymous

    I think Jeremy would do the job.

  • kitkat

    Oh cares? They already screwed up the movie when they cast Shailene Woodley.

  • Anonymous

    Screw you, kitkat.

  • kitkat

    lol :)

  • msi

    I hope Jeremy will be tobias:)