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Daren Kagasoff Joins ‘Delirium’ Pilot as Alex Sheathes

February 25, 2013

Daren Kagasoff, known for his role on Secret Life of the American Teenager, has joined the upcoming FOX television show based on Lauren Oliver’s Delirium series! He will play Alex Sheathes, who is the male lead of the show and Lena’s love interest. Lena, the female lead, will be portrayed by Emma Roberts. The other casting announcements thus-far are Gregg Sulkin as Julien Fineman, Billy Campbell as Thomas Fineman, and Corey Reynolds as Lawrence Task.

Delirium takes place in a future where love is illegal and can be eradicated with a special procedure. Lena (Roberts) ends up falling in love with Alex (Kagasoff), 95 days before her scheduled procedure – this of course sets off an exhilarating chain of events. What do you think of Darren as Alex?

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  • Mickey

    Oh god I officially have no hope for this pilot

  • aFan


  • kassie

    I don’t think he’s a good Alex! NO!! I did not see HIM as Alex Sheathes! :S

  • Kate

    You guys are freaking crazy!! Daren is an awesome actor for what he was given on that shitty show. Why do you think it lasted for 5 years because he carried it along with Shailene Woodley who is Tris Prior and Mary Jane Watson!!!