Emma Roberts Cast As Lena In ‘Delirium’ TV Pilot

February 7, 2013

Emma Roberts has been cast in the lead role of Lena in the upcoming pilot based on Lauren Oliver’s novel, Delirium, according to Entertainment Weekly.mThe novel takes place in post-apocalyptic Maine, where a totalitarian government has decided that love is literally a disease, which they call ‘delirium.’ When a citizen turns eighteen, they receive surgery which “cures” them. Seventeen year old Lena however, falls in love with an “Invalid” (individual who hasn’t received the cure and lives in the wilderness) before she receives her cure.

Lauren shared her excitment about this casting news on her blog :

Obviously this is really exciting to me. I’ve always said that what I wanted most in terms of casting was to have talented actors, and Emma totally fits that bill! :) I hope you guys are as excited as I am!

The actress, who is Julia Roberts’ niece, “had been focused on features for the past six years despite multiple pilot offers from the broadcast networks”, according to Deadline.

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  • Mickey

    Ugh, I’m really disappointed by this. Usually I try to keep an open mind when it comes to casting choices in book adaptations, but I really just don’t like Emma and I don’t think she’s a good actress. I wish they’d gone with an unknown, or just plain someone else.

  • aidamgg

    Bleh, I agree. There hasn’t been a movie she’s been on that I got excited about :/ Really upset about the casting choice.

  • katelyn

    I disagree, I’ve always liked Emma as an actress, and i know this will be an amazing show :)