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‘The Host’ Obtains a PG-13 Rating + Jake Abel Hints of an International Tour

February 6, 2013

Earlier today Rope of Silicon broke the news about Stephenie Meyer’s upcoming book-to-film adaptation, ‘The Host’, in receiving it’s Motion Picture Association of America rating. Not to anyone’s surprise (if you’ve read the book), the movie gets a PG-13 rating for “some sensuality and violence.”

We’re happy to hear that the filmakers and director, Andrew Niccol, havn’t deviated from the book so far. The story does contain some physical violence, especially when one has aliens invading their world. Plus sensuality when the main characters, Melanie/Wanderer, have affections for the two hunks, but nothing to deserve an R-rating.

Also, Jake Abel (Ian O’Shea) tweeted out today a couple cities ‘The Host’ cast will be visiting.

Jake Abel Tweet

As you can see Abel only mentioned a few cities in the United States, but International fans will have a chance to meet the cast as well. This is just the first hint of a press tour, and we will have a full list of details coming your way soon.

Who’s excited to finally see ‘The Host’ in theaters on March 29th?

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