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Page to Premiere Pulse: Fansites react to ‘The Mortal Instruments’ international trailer

Time for our second installment of Page to Premiere Pulse! Our first had all your favorite Divergent sites reacting to the first still of Shailene Woodley as Tris. Now, we’ve got your favorite Mortal Instruments fan websites reacting to the super exciting brand new international trailer for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones! The film stars Lily Collins as Clary, Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace, Kevin Zegers as Alec, Jemima West as Isabelle, Robbie Sheehan as Simon, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Valentine. It was directed by Harald Zwart and hits theaters on August 23rd, 2013! If you would like to be a part of future Page to Premiere Pulse posts, email me at kimmy@pagetopremiere.com with information about you and your fansite.

Megan Kaniasty – Reporter at Page to Premiere:

“Yesterday you thought you were a normal [fan]girl. Today your whole world has been turned upside down.” What caused this you might ask? The new international trailer for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones that was released a little over 24 hours ago. Let me tell you, this trailer has rendered me speechless. SIMON, SIMON, SIMON, SIMON, SIMON, SIMON, SIMON, SIMON, and more Simon! Can you tell that I have a little thing for Robbie Sheehan? The trailer literally only shows Simon for two seconds, and I can feel the hearts of other fangirls breaking from around the world. Robert Sheehan is the embodiment of Simon Lewis, delivering his lines perfectly in all his heartbroken voice cracking glory at 1:02 to 1:03. “I’m the one who’s always been there for you. Not him.” How many of you heard Robbie’s voice in your head as you read that? I know I did. Robbie Sheehan, it would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you. Now can we talk about the ‘him’ Simon is referring to? JACE “WAYLAND”! Oh how my heart races at the Clary Fray Jace Wayland wrist grabbing angelic rune exposing action! See, I cannot create coherent sentences; it is the language of fangirls. Of course I would have loved to see more Isabelle, Alec, and Magnus, but my feels have been satisfied and I, among thousands of other Shadowhunters, cannot wait for August 23rd.

Here’s a quick look at some of my other favorite moments:

“CLARY RUN” – Did anyone else’s ovaries explode?
“Let me show you who you really are, who you were destined to be” – There’s a sexy smolder coming from Jonathan Rhys Meyers, naturally.
“You don’t know the first thing about me.” – You tell him Clary! Look at her face; she is so fierce! I love a heroine who can stand her own ground!

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Kimmy West – Founder of PageToPremiere.com:

I thought this trailer was perfect for all the hardcore fans! We all have been excited to see the scene where Simon professes his love to Clary, and this gives us a fantastic look. Robbie Sheehan totally and completely broke my heart. I also loved the little bit of a closer look we get of the relationship between Clary and Jace, plus of course the protective yell of ‘CLARY RUN!’ This trailer made me stoked to see more action packed scenes, and romantic scenes between our hero and heroine. We haven’t seen many real clips from when the romance starts blooming between Clary and Jace, only scenes when they first met, so any sort of glimpse into their relationship is exciting. I had been worried about how Valentine would turn out in the movie, since in the set photos he looked quite different than his description, but this trailer calmed my fears! Jonathan Rhys Meyers looks great as Valentine and I can’t wait to see more of him in this role that is definitely a departure from the norm for him! He looks like he’ll be able to pull of ‘dark, sinister, and moody’ just brilliantly. His line, “Let me show you who you really are, who you were destined to be,” gave me chills. Then Clary responds, “You don’t know the first thing about me.” YOU GO GIRL! ;)

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Alyssa from TMI Source:

Who would have thought that the Mortal Instruments fandom would get not one, but two, trailers in the same month? The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones international trailer blew me away. It reminded me of a more fan-geared version of the teaser trailer, which was brilliant. It utilized key scenes and moments seen in the previous trailers and managed to incorporate new footage that left the fandom breathless. It was great to get different shots from scenes we had seen in the previous two trailers (like Pandemonium, the alley, etc.), as well as the new footage. The scene with Clary and Simon was the highlight for me, as I’m sure it was for many others. It was a direct moment from the book—a scene that the fandom is anxious to see come to life—and Robert Sheehan’s acting was spot-on. He really is the embodiment of Simon. It was also great to see more of Valentine, as well as his interaction with Clary. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is chilling as Valentine and I cannot wait to see him portray this character. Like its two predecessors, this trailer is appealing to a broad audience—promising action, mystery, the supernatural, romance and more, which gives me faith that this will continued to be marketed the right way.

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Tatiana Santana from City of Shadowhunters:

The new international trailer is my favorite so far! I love that it features a new voice over by Hodge (Jared Harris), and I love love LOVE that we get to see more of Simon (Robert Sheehan) and Valentine (Jonathan Rhys Meyers)! Although, I am a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to see more of Izzy (Jemima West) and Magnus (Godfrey Gao), I feel like seeing them in the film will be totally worth the wait! This trailer definitely showcases so much more than I imagined it would. I love that aside from a healthy amount of the story line, we get to see a glimpse of the characters vulnerabilities (*cough* Simon *cough*). The folks that put this trailer together really did an excellent job at giving us fangirls what we’ve been wanting to see (more Simon)! Also, it looks like its true to the book– always a plus! I predict that The City of Bones will be the perfect kick ass Summer movie we can all tell our friends about; not just because it’s based on our favorite book series, but because there’s a bit of something in it for everyone. To add to that, there’s just something so exhilarating about seeing these all new clips for the first time! It leaves me feeling as though August cannot come soon enough!

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Administrators from The Mortal Instruments Philippines:

When we saw the entire length of the video (1:31), we were like “Uh-oh, maybe they just did cut out scenes from the past trailers and just add the scenes included in the 10-second sneak peek video released yesterday.” Oh boy, we were totally wrong in that aspect. New bits and pieces of the scenes were everywhere in the trailer. Every scene in the trailer was what we imagined it to be. From the Pandemonium scene to Renwick’s all spot on. Oh and the Institute, so amazing. A+ to whoever designed the institute or picked the institute, it was so beautiful. “Clary, Run” scene made us squeal! So spot on. Jamie is really proving himself to those who didn’t like him as Jace. We think he’ll be perfect for this role and leave those who didn’t believe in him in awe. You, guys JUST WAIT. SIMON! With all those emotions pouring out from him when he said “I’m the one who has always been there for you. Not him!” Our hearts broke; we think everyone in the fandom did. The way Robert Sheehan said that line, raw emotions, moderation of the voice, it was really like our Simon came to life! It just makes you want to hug him and pat him on the shoulders and say “Forget Clary, go for Izzy”. We’re especially at awe at Jonathan Rhys Meyer’s portrayal of Valentine. We get to have a sneak peek of Valentine’s character as a father and as a villain in the trailer, and can we just say the difference of how he delivered the lines were just astonishingly well done. The trailer had a less score build up compared to the first theatrical trailer but we really liked it. It gave the sense of mystery to the film. The scoring is perfect for the tone of the movie. The new title treatment at the end of the trailer is a thumbs up too. All in all this trailer gets all the awards!

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Tanvi Berwah from JaceAndClary.com:

Okay, that was a little underwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, the new scenes were amazing but the trailer felt more fans-oriented and not really something that would attract a huge outside audience. But I have to admit, with every new trailer we get, Jamie Campbell Bower comes across as more Jace-like than before. I thought his scenes are near-absolute perfection. About the new scene with Simon, I’m a huge Clace shipper, as must be obvious, but I appreciate Simon’s character a lot. Some people might find the play-up of the love triangle a bit annoying, but I think it’s good we’re getting hints given the crazy plot twist that’s coming up for Jace and Clary. Lastly, the interaction between Clary and Valentine was awesome; Lily being an assertive Clary was a treat to watch. I can’t wait to see this badass heroine on-screen.

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Administrators from Shadowhunters Colombia:

Cassie’s adaptations couldn’t be in better hands. All we have seen until now is astounding. We had to set our alarms for 3 AM but it totally worth it. Everything and everyone looks amazing, it feels like they read our minds and brought our mental images to the real world. Simon’s voice breaking, Jace’s face when Clary saw his rune and…c’mon… Valentine looks evil but how could we hate that sexy villain? We can’t wait to watch this trailer (and obviously the whole movie) on the big screen. On August 23rd, shadowhunters will turn the mundane world upside down!

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Administrators from Shadow Inked:

Is it wrong to say I like the international trailer more? It gives us more Simon and more Valentine and through Simon we see a different side to the story and not just a bunch of kick-ass action. Through Simon, even in those few seconds of script we see the struggle Clary faces trying to find her way in two different worlds and somehow balance them both while Valentine tries to lure her in on the other hand. Great trailer!

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Alessa from Shadowhunters Venezuela:

This is our 3rd trailer, and I can’t get enough of TMI. This fandom never expected to have another trailer so fast, we were still shocked for the last one, and when it was announced that was going to be an “international trailer” I lost my mind, because everyone in the fandom were hoping for that. Then we got a 10 sec sneak peek at 4:00 AM! I couldn’t contain my exciment, and it only was a preview. This morning we got to see the full international trailer and I could only say “By the Angel”! Valentine, Simon, The Library, everything. I was in awe at how much perfection can be contained in one video. We get to see more development of Jace-Clary-Simon, how Clary reacts to Valentine, and let’s not forget the two epic words from this trailer “Clary Run.” Every piece they give us continuously surprising us. It looks like the director, Harald Zwart, is recreating the book amazingly well. I can’t wait to see more posters and pictures, maybe a fourth trailer, who knows! All the stories are true.

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Administrators from Idris BR:

We knew there wouldn’t be many new scenes, but we had high expectation for this trailer. Like huge ones! The first one, with so little CGI, was awesome. The second one, wow, we had our minds blown. There was no way this trailer wouldn’t be awesome. And it was, indeed! We first cried and then we started to think about the beginning, from the day Lily was cast until now. Some place along the way we thought that no movie could come out, and then, here we are: watching this and crying like a 5-year-old. Lily Collins was flawless like always. At the beginning, we had a little bit of doubt about her, if she could be the right “leader” for TMI, but now, what can we say? She’s perfect. She’s like the perfect Clary. Jamie… we all know of his journey, but we trusted him and here we are, watching our Jace Wayland on the screen. Also, we had the chance to see more of Simon and Valentine! It was awesome! Robert and Jonathan are great! It couldn’t be any better. But there are two things we need more of: Isabelle Lightwood! C’mon, Sony, give us more Izzy – and Magnus, of course!

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