The Infernal Devices

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‘The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel’ movie has a screenwriter, and is currently on the search for a director

Hollywood Reporter has announced the screenwriter for the first installment of the prequel series to The Mortal Instruments, titled The Infernal Devices. Stephanie Standitz has been hired to adapt Cassandra Clare’s Victorian novels for the big screen.

Standitz is an actress turned screenwriter with only a short film and the script for Meg Cabot’s The Mediator under her belt. Constantin films are currently developing the prequel series with plans to film the next two films for the The Mortal Instruments back-to-back, you can read that article here. I have faith in Standitz to take care of our beloved characters from The Infernal Devices. THR also mentions that they are currently on the search for a director for the project, which is very exciting!

What are your thoughts? Any particular actor or actress you would like to see in the movie? Who do you think would be a good fit to direct The Infernal Devices?

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  • Jane

    Adam Gregory

  • Mikki

    I would be a perfect fit for a role in The Infernal Devices movie! Only in my dreams though.
    I hope they don’t cast already famous people, need some new faces in movies.
    If Kristen Stewart is casted I will lose all hope in good books becoming good movies.

  • JR

    Will – Gaspard Ulliel
    Jem – undecided
    Tessa – Sarah Bolger
    Charlotte – Emilia Clarke
    Henry – undecided
    Sophie – Janelle Froehlich
    Gideon – Max Irons
    Gabriel – Daniel Sharman
    Cecily – Mariah Buzolin
    Jessamyn – Gabriella Wilde
    Nathaniel – Charlie Bewley

  • l’Aku

    I’d love to see Tom Sturridge as Will, and Eiji Wentz( or someone that I do not yet know of who is actually Chinese but with a kind of/ somewhat/ similar look to Eiji Wentz) as Jem. : }

    Also, I think that ‘Infernal Devices’ film scores done by Trevor Morris would probably be seriously awesome. ^_^

  • Leah

    This would be the most beautiful thing ever!

  • Rebecca Dowling

    Emilia Clarke must be Tessa.

  • Colton White

    i would love to take a spin and direct this movie.

  • AMK

    JR…i really like your picks!

  • l’Aku

    OH, for a director….I think someone like Bill Condon might do well. ? : ]

    (..or…possibly….Rupert Sanders?. -or both?)


    ~but, I don’t know : )

  • kimberlyann

    JR, awesome cast!
    I can’t believe they’re doing this before City of Bones is out yet. I’d think they’d wait to see how it does in theaters (Could be a flop like The Host or Beautiful Creatures). Of course it could succeed on its own since it’s got a completely different feel, but they are the same world. Plus, they need Godfrey for Magnus and he’s a busy man.

  • stephanie dwyer

    My dream is to act in a movie like this. I love acting and acy in school also a waitress and everyone says im very pretty and have a great smile.I have dark eyes and I’m 5’8. I’m pretty skiny as well. I wish I could have
    the part if tessa. I would dye. :p

  • stephanie dwyer

    Oh and I loved the books they were amazing probly my favorite books sence harry potter. :D

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  • Soccer10

    I think Will should be played by Douglas Booth

  • l’Aku

    If not a musical score by Trevor Morris, a musical score by Bear McCreary then would likely be just as fantastic. OR a score done by -both- Morris AND McCreary?! Lol ~That might possibly be the best thing ever, in the whole wide world. :)

  • Jordan

    I really hope Ed Westwick gets casted as Will Herondale. Seriously, and if they make Leighton Meester Tessa, I say, Heck yes!!!

    I really hope they get Will right since I don’t think Jace was casted properly at all…Then again, I’m just a fan :)

  • sun

    I wish tessa will be played by troian bellisario and jem will be played by freddie stroma. :))

  • Olivia

    The only characters I have cast in my head so far are Tom Hiddleston as Henry and Hayley Atwell as Charlotte.

  • Meg

    I think that you should cast new faces in this movie :) If not I’d like to see Max Irons as Will and Troian Bellisario as Tessa :D

  • Louise

    Definetely Sarah Bolger as Tessa !!! Or Astrid Berges-Frisbey if they can’t get Sarah !!! Adam Gregory would be a perfect Will I think and Eigi Wentz would be great as Jem !!! I’d really like Christina Ricci to play Charlotte too !!!

  • Geraldine

    max Irons as Gabriel Lightwood :) Georgie Henley as Cecily Herondale

  • Geraldine

    Kevin Zegers will be good spot for William Herondale!

  • Geraldine

    or Ian Somerhalder as William! :)

  • Geraldine

    jessamine as Dianna Agron!

  • Geraldine

    Nina Dobrev as Tessa Gray! :)) it perfectly fits for her!

  • Mashal

    Nina Dobrev as Tessa and Joshua Anthony Brand as Will! I hope they get Will right because I’m still not happy with Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace :/

  • angel^.^

    You could choose any actresses, it just they have to be the right actress because William Herondale has kinda dark blue eyes and black hair he has to be good looking the way tessa described him. and tessa gray, you need to find an actress that has gray blue eyes and Sarah Bolger is young and she is perfect to be tessa. also for jem carstairs, Eigi Wentz could be jem. It is hard to find will herondale actress but choose a cutie and a fine young one.

  • Amarna

    Nina from vampire diaries should be Tessa

  • Heather Boda

    I just want will to look better than the actor they picked for city of bones I mean he didn’t fit the part at all and will is my favorite so I want to see someone who will really fit the part and the same goes for Jem and Tessa thus is my favorite series so I really want them all to fit like they should not like in the knotted instruments where most don’t look as though they should be playing that part.

  • Heather Boda

    I completely agree with you on jace

  • Cece McCurdy

    LEO HOWARD as Will
    that is all i have to say
    it needs to be leo

  • tenisthebestdoctor

    i think joshua anthony brand would be good for will’s part. he’s also going to be in the fault in our stars c:

  • 101Dreamcatcher

    Nina Debev is ok but I want someone more innocent looking you know wide eyed like Astrid Frisby but a American/English version. Go watch the clockwork prince book trailer the girl who’s Tessa in that is perfect just as I visualised Tessa. Oh just had a thought if we can’t get the girl from the trailer how about Carey Mulligan. I loved her in Doctor who don’t blink she would also be good provided that she grows her hair.


    well you can just go screw yourself then



  • Gemma

    I would love to see Douglas Booth as William Herondale, For Tessa as long as she is tall and pretty with a British accent

  • Gemma

    Nina Dobrev or Even better Astrid Frisby as Tessa Joshua Anthony Brand is ok as Will but his eyes need to be a much darker BLUE it also needs to CHANGE COLOUR so ya I prefer Douglas Booth but the same for his eyes pls do that any Asian with silver hair that can play violon would be ok for Jembut I am much more almost worried about Will and Tessa!

  • Gemma

    Sorry I like him but he is wayyyyyy to young and I don’t think he would be able to play such a serious role

  • ZahraSedg.

    i wish you could audition for the infernal devices

  • williamherondale

    but Tessa is meant to have an American accent

  • williamherondale

    Joshua Anthony Brand as William Herondale.
    Sarah Bolger as Tessa Gray

  • Gemma Jordaan

    Oh yeah meant Will sorry and I guess I could agree on Joshua Anthony Brad, I’m just looking at history with 1800′s movie experience. After all Douglas played Pip in Great Expectations and he was brilliant

  • Steph Anne

    Tessa should be played by Astrid Berges-Frisbey while Douglas Booth should play Will. As for Jem, it should be someone who looks the part and can PLAY HIM WELL.

  • Eleni Maria

    logan lerman as will??

  • Gisette Rose

    I’m so excited for this film! This is my favorite series of all time, and I’m so happy to see that it is advancing towards the big screen. Here are some of the actors I think would be perfect for the character roles:
    Tessa: Astrid Frisbe
    Will: Douglas Booth
    Jem: Mitch Hewer or Anthony Neely
    Jessamine: Dianna Agron or Emma Watson
    Charlotte: Emilia Clarke
    Gabriel: Adam Gregory
    Gideon: Liam Hemsworth or Max Irons
    Cecily: Georgie Henley or India Eisley
    Sophie: Susan Popplewell

  • Gisette Rose

    That is my dream too, ohmygoodness. If I could be an actress for any movie it would be this.