The Infernal Devices

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‘The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel’ movie has a screenwriter, and is currently on the search for a director

Hollywood Reporter has announced the screenwriter for the first installment of the prequel series to The Mortal Instruments, titled The Infernal Devices. Stephanie Standitz has been hired to adapt Cassandra Clare’s Victorian novels for the big screen.

Standitz is an actress turned screenwriter with only a short film and the script for Meg Cabot’s The Mediator under her belt. Constantin films are currently developing the prequel series with plans to film the next two films for the The Mortal Instruments back-to-back, you can read that article here. I have faith in Standitz to take care of our beloved characters from The Infernal Devices. THR also mentions that they are currently on the search for a director for the project, which is very exciting!

What are your thoughts? Any particular actor or actress you would like to see in the movie? Who do you think would be a good fit to direct The Infernal Devices?

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  • Caleb Tomas Calder

    I screamed… I actually screamed…

  • Lolita

    Oh mi Dios!

  • Herondal

    Douglas Booth as Will hands down Astrid as Tessa and Jem i donno but he better be as amazing as we are hoping… this is one book series where is they fuck up in casting i will sue them… this movie means more than anything.

  • Birgitte Konow

    Astrid Berges-Frisbey as Tessa. Joshua Anthony Brand as Will (or Douglas booth). ? As Jem. Gabriella Wilde as Jessamine. Gemma Arteton as Charlotte. Jake Abel as Nate. Alexander Skarsgård as De Quincey.

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    Add her so casting directors know you want to see her!

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  • Cass

    Can u like not be a ‘ducking glass mole’

  • Cass

    well you can just go fuck yourself with a cactus for insulting people with their own opinion

  • Josephine Salo Åstrand

    Nina dobrev as Tessa and Max Irons as Will