Ally Condie talks dream-cast for ‘Matched’ movie, which is currently in the works!

May 16, 2013

With Disney beating out Paramount to obtain rights to Matched, and Jon Chu supposedly in talks to Direct it despite David Slade being announced previously as the films Director in 2012, we’re in hopes of production and casting beginning sometime soon.

In the meantime, as we wait, we bring to you an interview by Entertainment Weekly with Ally Condie, in which she talks of the most suggested fan casts that she, herself, likes.

I’m 34 so I mostly think about who’s dad Nathan Fillion could play.

Adding to that, Condie mentioned that the most frequently suggested actors were ‘Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev as Cassia and ‘Perks’ star Logan Lerman as Ky. With both actors coming from such hugely successful films/TV series’, and with large online fanbases, we can see why Ally would be open to the idea! Not to mention Nina and Logan are both fantastic actors!

Who was your fan-cast for the characters of Matched? Comment below and let us know!


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  • Kyra

    Melissa Benoist as Cassia
    Drew Roy as Ky
    Zach Roerig as Xander

  • crystal

    Nina would be PERFECT!!

  • Kyra

    Melissa Benoist as Cassia.
    Drew Roy as Ky.
    Zach Roerig as Xander.
    Chandler Canterbury as Bram.
    Scott Wilson as Grandpa.
    William deVry as Cassia’s Father.
    Jill Wagner as Cassia’s Mother.

  • Bonnie McK

    ok i know everyone is all stressed about green eyes for cassia and blonde hair for xander but i personally just dont want shit acting. i mean, the actors can wear contacts or dye their hair- isn’t the acting what matters most?

  • Brandy

    Drew Roy or a younger Brant Daughtery (maybe just shaved haha ) as Ky and Lilly Collins as Cassia!

  • Megan Ashley

    Xander- Zach Roerig (Matt Vampire Diaries)
    Ky- Zac Efron
    Cassia- Nina Dobrev

  • Annabeth Chase

    Logan Lerman would make an awesome Ky!

  • Danielle Fraser

    Nicholas Hoult as Ky!!!

  • Skye Defrees

    omg yes!!!

  • Eliza Craft

    I think Unknowns are both good and bad ideas because take Percy Jackson for example: Logan and Alexandra were both unknowns and those movies were crap. It wasnt their fault but still… I don’t think they should be in it because they don’t fit the descriptions of the characters. Logan looks to kid like and he would be a better Eli. if they made him look a little younger. Drew Roy should totally be Ky if they don’t use unknowns.

  • Eliza Craft

    She is to exotic for Cassia

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  • Defne İşler

    Ky will super good and handsome and perfect if taylor lautner acts as him!!! As Cassia Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen or DANİELLE CAMPBELL !!!

  • Abby Goodall

    I think these people should be the cast: Lily Collins as cassia , Drew Roy as Ky , Lucas Till as Xander ,Chandler Canterbury as Bram , Michael Caine as Grandpa , Dennis Quaid as Cassias dad and Jill Wagner as Cassias mom.

  • Abby Goodall

    The people who need to be the cast have to fit what the book says they look like. It is best if they stay as close to the book as they can in the film.

  • Tiffany

    Taylor Lautner or Drew Roy as Ky and Lily Collins as Cassia!

  • Kayla

    Lily Collins for Cassia she is the perfect description for the role in my opinion!

  • jkjkj jk

    Unknown actors would be best, and some that actually fit some mold of the character descriptions.
    I really can’t agree with Nina Dobrev. Honestly, i just cant see her playing Cassia. Nothing about her speaks Cassia to me.

  • Amanda

    have you not read the book, Cassia is SEVENTEEN. Anna Popplewell is 25

  • Kitty

    i second that opinion

  • Kitty

    i dont know, does she look like a Cassia? and definitely drew roy for Ky

  • Kitty

    chandler riggs for bram

  • Kitty

    scott wilson for grandpa

  • Kitty

    i agree with Ky and Grandpa but the rest…

  • Kitty

    logan lerman can dye his hair blonde for xander

  • Kitty

    dennis quaid for cassias dad

  • Kitty

    could i be a good Cassia?? ;)

  • Karmastagram

    As Faith said previously, Lily has an air of innocence about her, but to the point where she could still overcome it to be a rebel by the end of the trilogy, just like Cassia. Nina is a great actress with wonderful talent, but she just is not right for the role. Lily is.

  • Karmastagram

    Lily would need contacts too, but it just seems like the role was meant for her.

  • Karmastagram

    I love that whole line-up! Petition for Kyra as casting director! lol

  • Karmastagram

    Michael Caine would be absolutely BRILLIANT, in that role!

  • Anna Inglis

    Everyone is such an IDIOT! Does anybody know anything about tv/movies. You have to get somebody at least 3 years older or more to play any teen role.DUH!!!! And NOBODY FREAKIN CARES IF THEIR NATURAL EYE COLOR ISNT GREEN THEY CAN MAKE THEM GREEN OR BLUE!!! I really don’t mean to be mean but reading these comments make me mad because nobody is making ANY SENSE! God… any way my dream cast…
    Cassia: Nina Dobrev or Lily Collins or for gods sake A UNKNOWN!
    Ky: Drew Roy or Ryan Guzman or for gods sake A UNKNOWN
    Xander: Zach Roerig or an UNKNOWN
    Thanks hope I don’t sound harsh :)

  • Emily


  • Megan

    Why does Disney have to take over? ): I have a bad feeling Disney is going to screw all this up. ):

  • Diana

    I think that definatly Nina Dobrev from “The Vampire Diaries.” Dave Franco from all different kinds of movies should play the handsome, passionate Ky. And for Xander, the also handsome boy should be played by Drew Van Acker from “Pretty Little Liars.” Etc.

  • Diana

    If you agree with me, please spread the word and hopes these amazing actors get the role!

  • Sam

    I agree with all except Cassia Lily Collins has my vote by far, lets just hope they do great acting in the movie

  • Ana Avelar

    I want Ky to be Zac Efron, Cassia as Lucy Hale and Xander as Garrret Clayton

  • Ana Avelar

    Please don’t put NIna as Cassia or Logan as Ky they don’t look anything like them.PLEASE!!!!!!!