Ally Condie talks dream-cast for ‘Matched’ movie, which is currently in the works!

May 16, 2013

With Disney beating out Paramount to obtain rights to Matched, and Jon Chu supposedly in talks to Direct it despite David Slade being announced previously as the films Director in 2012, we’re in hopes of production and casting beginning sometime soon.

In the meantime, as we wait, we bring to you an interview by Entertainment Weekly with Ally Condie, in which she talks of the most suggested fan casts that she, herself, likes.

I’m 34 so I mostly think about who’s dad Nathan Fillion could play.

Adding to that, Condie mentioned that the most frequently suggested actors were ‘Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev as Cassia and ‘Perks’ star Logan Lerman as Ky. With both actors coming from such hugely successful films/TV series’, and with large online fanbases, we can see why Ally would be open to the idea! Not to mention Nina and Logan are both fantastic actors!

Who was your fan-cast for the characters of Matched? Comment below and let us know!


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  • bea

    Haha, I’d love to be Cassia, as unlikely as it would be to happen.

  • vix

    I can only imagine one person playing ky and it is Richard Harmon. He fits the appearence of ky better then Logan Lerman because he looks more though. Logan is a great actor but I don’t think he is fit for the role of Ky. I picture him more as Eli.

  • Hello

    Watch, when the movie comes out suddenly all these fake fans are going to join -.- They’re going to think that Ky is going to die during the 3rd movie because they’re going to refuse to read the book :’D
    And suddenly the fandom is going to get bigger because of the people that are going to hear about the movie and read the book and join. Then they’re going to think they are so awesome or whatever -.- Just like what happened to the Divergent fandom.
    Honestly I dislike film adaptations because suddenly characters have an image. Like Katniss from THG suddenly was Jenn (Actually no, I actually liked the adaptation for that book, they had the perfect cast. Except that the 1st movie felt like it was missing a lot.) Also Tris from Divergent was suddenly Shaileene Woodley (ugh, biggest casting disappointment ever. I think the only people who actually like that casting are the ones who read the book after the casting was announced cause… just.. no) I don’t want what happened with Divergent to happen with Matched. Another reason I dislike adaptations is because honestly I like keeping the book a secret. THG and Divergent already ruined that and now all I have left are Matched, The Selection and Legend. Also other book series that I am going to read cause I have an obsession with Dystopian trilogies. Only trilogies. Unless it’s like Fahrenheit 451, that was an awesome dystopian book. Oh and also Dystopian films like In Time or Equilibrium.

  • Ivette

    Drew Roy is a good choice but Cassia makes a lot of emphasis on Ky’s BLUE eyes…therefore, Logan Lerman is perfect physically for the character…unless hey put contacts on Drew! Lol

  • Ivette

    I’m gonna keep saying the same thing lol Drew Roy is a great choice…but he doesn’t have blue eyes and Cassia talks A LOT about Ky’s blue eyes. So Logan would be perfect…unless they put contacts on Drew!

  • Celia Atis You

    Why is everybody suggesting Drew Roy???? He is 28, he`s too old!! Ky must be 17!

  • JL

    nina dobrev is great for cassia

  • Annette

    Nina would Be PERFECT!! But ai agree with everyone else Drew Roy or Dylan O’Brien would be better options for Ky, Just use Blue Contacts. but with whoever the cast is ill be happy ive been wating for a movie to come out for almost 3 Years now.

  • lissa_the_cocoa

    I totally approve of Logan Lerman and Nina Dobrev as Ky and Cassia respectively. Logan in particular looks almost exactly the way I pictured Ky in my mind. No ideas for Xander, though.

  • Skye

    I agree about Logan as Ky. But seriously??? Nina Dorbev, in my opinion is waaay too old for Cassia. I think it would be best for Cassia to be a surprise. Like an underdog. Like Shailene Woodley was an underdog for Divergent and TFIOS. So here’s my list!
    Cassia- Surprise
    Ky: Logan Lerman
    Xander: Surprise
    Indie: Jennifer Lawrence
    Vick: Theo James
    Eli: Josh Hutcherson
    Em: Surprise

  • Anna Inglis

    I don’t know if anyone has seen The Vampire diaries but Nina Dobrevs character Elena is one of the most innocent characters I have ever seen in a tv show so to the people who say she is too much of a rebel I think u should watch the vampire diaries and I think Drew Roy would be a great Ky but they both need contacts

  • SocceIsMehSport

    i think Lucas Till will be great for Xander”s character and this is only my OPINION.

  • Camila =Perfect


  • Ana Avelar

    zac efron as ky

  • Ana Avelar

    lucy hale as cassie

  • Ana Avelar

    alex pettyfer as Xander

  • Autumn

    Ky is my favorite character and I think
    Drew roy should be him and
    for Cassia it should be lily Collins for
    Xander it should be Zach roeirg

  • Autumn

    My heart feels like this when Cassia and Ky hang out because it gets better and better… to me when reading the book it felt like I was falling in love with Ky and he is REALLY NICE and adventurous!

  • Mia Dowd

    I can’t see Nina playing Cassia. I can’t see Logan playing Ky either. I know the book talks a lot about his eyes but they also talk about his brown skin and Logan is kind of pale. I would actually like to see Alexa Vega or Lily Collins play Cassia.

  • Natasha Parrott

    The real question is, who will be Xander???

  • student Annaliese StGeorge

    Logan Lerman should be Ky!!!!

  • student Annaliese StGeorge

    YESSSSSSS honestly Logan is perfect for Ky! He would even act perfectly for the part because his character would be similar to his character in Perks of Being a Wall flower