Ally Condie talks dream-cast for ‘Matched’ movie, which is currently in the works!

May 16, 2013

With Disney beating out Paramount to obtain rights to Matched, and Jon Chu supposedly in talks to Direct it despite David Slade being announced previously as the films Director in 2012, we’re in hopes of production and casting beginning sometime soon.

In the meantime, as we wait, we bring to you an interview by Entertainment Weekly with Ally Condie, in which she talks of the most suggested fan casts that she, herself, likes.

I’m 34 so I mostly think about who’s dad Nathan Fillion could play.

Adding to that, Condie mentioned that the most frequently suggested actors were ‘Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev as Cassia and ‘Perks’ star Logan Lerman as Ky. With both actors coming from such hugely successful films/TV series’, and with large online fanbases, we can see why Ally would be open to the idea! Not to mention Nina and Logan are both fantastic actors!

Who was your fan-cast for the characters of Matched? Comment below and let us know!


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  • kristin

    I picture Cassia as Anna Popplewell, personally

  • Wendy Radcliffe

    Nina Dobrav is a little to old for what I was thinking but if she did get the part then good for her! I will still be watching the movie!

  • Lora

    My perfect cast for Ky is Steven R. Mc.Keen :)

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  • Natalie Outlaw

    Anna Popplewell for Cassia.

  • Joselin mendoza

    Ian Somerhalder would be good for ky he is so handsome and smart and such a great actor

  • disqus_Tuz9lxBhSu

    lyndsey fonseca is definitly cassia

  • Sadie

    I want Drew Roy to be Ky!

  • Bridget O’Donnell


  • Bridget O’Donnell


  • Lover or Channing

    Channing Tatum should play Ky and Taylor Lautner should be Xander!!!!

  • lola

    please no nina dobrev!!! please i beg you!

  • Jasmyn Neises

    Troian Bellisario for Cassia
    Logan Lerman for Ky
    Freddie Stroma for Xander
    Chandler Canterbury as Bram
    Michael Caine as grandpa
    Denis Quaid as Cassias Dad
    Sela Ward as Cassias Mom

  • Alice-Skye Reece Valentine

    Drew roy would be an amazing ky! But i do understand logan lerman being there too. Drew is an amazing actor though. Have any of you seen Falling Skies??? <3

  • Alice-Skye Reece Valentine

    … no… just… no.. both are way to old

  • Alice-Skye Reece Valentine

    Also troian bellisario from pll for cassia <3

  • katlyn

    i think that alexander udwig should be xander carrow

  • Leigha Cox

    I would have Alex Pettyfer as Xander, Drew Roy or Taylor Lautner as Ky, & Lily Collins for Cassia. She has such a simple beauty and seems meek enough to do the part!

  • Ali

    How About:
    Cassia: Victoria Justice
    Ky: Luke Bryan/Drew Roy
    Xander: Ross Lynch

  • Leigha Cox

    Taylor just turned 21…drew Roy is 27. I agree Channing is way too old but not taylor.

  • Jasmine Nicolas

    Drew Roy is PERFECT for Ky!!!!

  • Mel Campbell

    why not unknowns? the thing i’ve always hated about hollywood is that they insist on using the same boring actors for so many things! Admittedly thats because some of them are good…but not all.

    I actually think Nina whatserface is SO boring to look at. sure, she’s pretty but i find her BORING! At least she has more emotion that K-stewart.

    I think Logan would be an attractive enough choice for Ky. But gah, there are so many other choices out there!!

  • Alex Murray-Fisher

    My dream Xander-
    Colton Haynes.

  • Alex Murray-Fisher

    Drew Roy would be the PERFECT Ky. And Colton Haynes would be an awesome Xander.

  • Nicole

    Drew Roy as Ky! Zac Efron as Xander!

  • Nicole

    she’s too old

  • Lianna

    Cassia should not be played by a drop dead gorgeous extremly famous actress! She comes from a simple lifestyle where they don’t have the hair products and the make up and the nail products. Of course Cassia is a pretty girl but she is also simple.

    Here is what i think

    Cassia-1.MAry Mouser 2. Lucy Collins

    Xander-Alex Pettyfer

    Ky-David Henrie

    They are absolutely perfect! just look them up!

  • Audrey

    I think a perfect Cassia would be Melissa Benoist… Long brown hair, similar eye color- she’s definitely pretty but also realistic looking. I think Nina Dobrev is WAY too exotic for a character like Cassia. Lily Collins got signed onto another franchise so her participation in this is unlikely.
    For Ky, I think Lerman would be nice, but maybe someone like Roy could play him, too. They’ve got similar features! As for Xander, I think an unknown would be better off as playing him. Or hell, all three of them should be unknowns.

  • Ky Finnow

    Okay first of all the people who play Ky Cassia Xander need to be about 17 BC that’s how old they are. I think the people should be unknowns.

  • Guest


  • Claire

    Ikr? I really want Lily Collins though. Nina just doesn’t seem like Cassia

  • Claire

    I really like Colten Hayes as Xander and Lily Collins to be Cassia. Idk about Ky though

  • Claire

    Omg yus

  • asd

    Cassia-Anna Popplewell, definitely! Has to be her.

    Xander-Colton Haynes, maybe Alexander Ludwig

    Ky-Drew Roy, hands down.

    Bram-Chandler Canterbury

  • thedoctorinwonderland

    Colton Haynes for Xander hands down

  • michiyo

    i like Alexandra Daddario for casssia

  • michiyo

    she might work im not ageist it better then Nina Dobrev

  • Kat

    Cassia: Lily Collins, Nina Dobrev, or Me :)
    Ky: Jesse McCartney, or Logan Lerman
    Xander: Alex Pettyfer, or Benjamin Stone

  • ????

    Of course she is not perfect , not to offend you but she does not look a thing like cassia!!

  • ????

    I know she does not look like cassia

  • ????

    I personally think that the actors should have the traits that the book describes. Like cassia has green eyes, why nina dobrev??As far as I know she does not have green eyes !!! Or like ky , he has dark hair and blue eyes. Xander has blue eyes and blond hair . That would acually be a dream cast , that they have their traits correctly

  • ????

    Finally !! That’s so true !! But the characters should have the traits that the books has

  • ????

    I know that I’m noboy to judge , but sincerely I think that the rolls that the people who are playing for the main characters , such as cassia, ky and Xander should be unknow . Or a least someone who ACUALLY LOOKS like them according to the description of the book. Please let’s follow the book , it’s such a wonderful story to be ruined with bad characters that are nothing alike like the main charteres in the book . If we most likely know who is going to cassia and ky and Xander so what’s the fun ? Think about it ..

  • ????

    Please not nina dobrev, the characters should have the traits that the book describes … Have u read the book??

  • ????

    That’s true , I like the name u used

  • ????

    She’s too young

  • Gabby

    Have you ever thought about fans playing the tome parts in the movie!!

  • Gabby

    I want Jennifer Larence as cassia

  • Gabby

    Jeremy Sumpter as Xander

  • ????

    She’s way too young