Angelfall Movie: Top four fancasts for the role of Raffe, with Spider-Man’s Sam Raimi set to produce!

Casting a male lead when adapting a Young Adult novel is probably one of the most tense times for a fanbase, and for the production company, for while one waits in nervous anticipation in fear and excitement, the other can feel the intense pressure of needing to cast the correct person. The character of Raffe in Susan Ee’s Angelfall is definitely one of these, for the characterization of said male was so intricately crafted, that there really is nothing like him. In my previous post, I presented to you all the the most popular female actress’ fancast for the role of our leading female, Penryn Young. So in this I present to you all the most popular male actors, in terms of fan edits and discussions.

Ian Somerhalder

raffe 2

Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be a fancast if Ian Somerhalder didn’t find his way in one way or another, which I have no problem with. Mostly known for his role in the ‘The Vampire Diaries’ as Damon, I can see why he would be fancast, Ian portrays that smug, cocky and slightly sarcastic aura well in TVD, and as Raffe has an aspect of his personality containing that, I could see Ian playing Raffe rather well. Though throwing it out in smaller doses than Damon would, you find yourself chuckling here and there at some of Raffe’s insanely arrogant comments or sarcasm. Not to mention Ian can be rather scary, and at times difficult to turn away from when in action!

Drew Roy
raffe cast 1

‘Falling Skies’ actor, Drew Roy, happens to find himself in a lot of Young Adult adaptation fancasts. He also auditions frequently for many of them too, previously auditioning for the role of Gale Hawthorn in ‘The Hunger Games’ and Tobias (Four) Eaton in ‘Divergent’, it feels as Drew has been hovering on the edge of Hollywood until he lands his leading role. He certainly has the ability to portray a man of authority and combat capability, seeing as that’s what his character, Hal Mason, in ‘Falling Skies’ is all about. Maybe Angelfall would be the final push he needs.

Adam Gregory

rafee 3

Admittedly, until I researched and found Adam Gregory’s name among the ‘Angelfall’ fancast, I had completely forgotten who he was. Starring in both ‘The Hannah Montana Movie’ and ’17 Again’ there’s not much to go by, but the man does have Raffe’s look and also a large amount of fan edits for him. He does have the hard-edged look of Raffe, and if that pleases Angelfall fans, then there’s nothing else to it.

Jeremy Sumpter

rafee 4

I think we can all say we remember Peter Pan actor, Jeremy Sumpter, as that cute boy we all had a huge crush on when the film was released. After that film however, he seemed to disappear under the radar, only to pop back up and become even cuter, causing Peter Pan lovers to stop and stare for a moment. This, admittedly, was a fancast that truly surprised me, because like Crystal Reed, he’s never usually one to be fancast in the first place. And since the last film I saw him in was Peter Pan, I can’t say much in terms of acting and portraying the character of Raffe well, but even then he had a comic arrogance he brought to the role of Pan!

What do you think of the top fancasts for Raffe? And if you have your own, let us know in the comments below!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/ana.bergespolo Ana Berges Polo

    OMG!!! I want this adaptation to start casting and filming so badly. I hope that we have news very, very soon!

  • Autumn Kaalberg

    Omg i just started the book today and finished it in four hours. I hope it becomes a movie!!!! I think Tom Welling, and Josh Peck would also be good candidates for Raffe.

  • Autumn Kaalberg

    After seeing the show Falling Skies, i definetly knew Drew Roy would be perfect for Raffe. He’s GOREGOUS, and is a very good actor!!!!!!!!

  • isabellmcnamara@hotmail.com

    Drew Roy no doubt. I pictured Raffe as him. He’s perfect for it

  • Gali

    IAN, he has the face and attitude of Raffe :D


    Definitely Drew Roy! I’ve always pictured him as Raffe.

  • M Chick

    Ian DEFO the otehrs look too much like pretty boys and Raffe is suppost to be an archangel who intimidates his enemeys, get my point

  • M Chick

    R U kidding me? He looks like a pipsqueak now way could he be Raffe

  • M Chick

    Whats being gorgeous got anything to do with being Raffe, The actor who plays Raffe is suppost to look intimadating with abit of sexy

  • M Chick

    Really are you for real? Drew is a pipsqueak and unless you imagine everyone in the book as migits i dont get your logic

  • angelfall

    Drew Roy

  • IrinaStefi

    Ian or Adam Gregory. Even though I like Ian a lot, I think he’s too charming for the role of Raffe. I haven’t seen Adam gregory as an actor, but I believe he portrays Raffe quite well.

  • 「JezTopian」

    Obviously that’s IAN SOMERHALDER !