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Anthony Neely shows interest in role of Jem Carstairs in ‘Infernal Devices’ movies & connects with Cassandra Clare

Anthony Neely, a fan favorite for the role of Jem Carstairs in the Infernal Devices books (which are prequels to The Mortal Instruments) has shown some interest in the part on Twitter, and even connected with the author Cassandra Clare! He is of Euro-American and Taiwanese descent, while Jem was born in Shanghai, China and is of Chinese and British descent. Like Jem, he is bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese. He could definitely pull of the description of Jem! However, can he act?

Neely is a popular singer, but has recently gone into acting and has revealed that he is very interested in pursuing the career path, adding “I want to try holding knives or guns, and shave my head to act like a ruffian!” If he has the acting chops to pull off the part, he could be a great choice. He’s definitely perfect look-wise, but acting ability is key.

The Infernal Devices screenplay is currently in the works and they are on the look-out for a director, so casting is still probably quite far in the future. We recently did a casting post where we listed our top 10 picks for Tessa Gray! Do you agree with our choices? Also, if you’ve missed it, watch the new international trailer for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

Anthony is currently reading Clockwork Angel:

Check out the tweets between him (@AnthonyANeely) and Cassie (@CassieClare) below:

Cassie reminds us we don’t even have a director yet so casting won’t happen for a while:

Is Anthony Neely your Jem? Let us know in the comments!

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  • kimberlyann

    He sounds like the perfect Jem (even though his Twitter talk kind of annoys me), but it really comes down to whether or not he can act. The fact he can speak mandarin is exciting, but he really needs to be British. Pulling off a British accent won’t be easy for a first time actor.

  • cricca

    I think he’s perfect for the role, ’cause I still don’t know any other actors who can play Jem… but yeah, we must see if he’s good at acting. You can look like a character, but if you don’t act like it… it has no sense :)

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  • Chloe

    He and Booboo Stewart are perfect for the role of Jem!

  • Rachael

    He seems like the most perfect Jem! I love Jem and I already love him! He looks just as I imagined Jem! <3

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  • Kirsten Hernandez

    I was thinking him and Booboo Stewart too!

  • brooke chicoine

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!!!

  • Jessie Laing


  • Rachel Carstairs

    He is just so perfect for Jem <3 I really hope he gets the part <3

  • Gabriela Bermúdez

    Absolutely yes! I think that fits the description, and I can imagine with his silver hair and pale! It is very handsome and has that friendly face.

  • Jess


  • Makayla

    He is perfect! also very attractive ^_^

  • Fane

    I don’t agree that he should play Jem, simply because I imagined him more like how Tessa described him. I thought of him with more angular features.

  • Mullika

    He is perfect!!!

  • alyh91

    Obviously being able to act is important, but everything else, this guy is perfect! Jem is my favourite character, and so far this dude is the only pick I’ve seen that I really, really like. Unfortunately, fans usually pick better than the actual casting directors, but I guess we’ll see. :P

  • Nathalia Magnago

    I don’t really think that he is the best choice to play Jem. I mean, ok he is cute but he doesn’t have anything similar to the character description. There’s a Japanese actor who is the one who comes closest to the character description in the books, in my opinion. His name is Haruma Miura. Take a look at his photos on Google ;D

  • Yesenia

    I’m sad that it’s been 2 years and I missed all the excitement but I’m still onboard with this casting. These books are perfect for the big screen. I hope something happens eventually.