The Infernal Devices


Daniel Sharman talks about narrating Cassandra Clare’s ‘Clockwork Princess’ and Will Herondale fancast!

As I’ve been excessively tweeting about today, Jordan (@jordannahalexis) and I (@sorayayaxox) visited the London Comic-Con today, and my was it a wonderful trip. Luckily, we managed to get a few minutes in with Teen Wolf’s Daniel Sharman, who also done the audio-book for Cassandra Clare’s ‘Clockwork Princess’. We asked how he went about getting to do the job, what the entire process was, and what he thought of the entire journey. Here’s what he had to say!

I have always loved audio-books, always always loved them from a very young age! I was in talks with them to do ‘The Mortal Instruments’ audio-books and it didn’t work out, and I didn’t hear from them again. Then they asked me to do the audio-book (for Clockwork Princess) and I said I would love to, it sounds great and I’d never done it before. It was the most amazing amount of fun, you get locked in the studio and just invent your own world, and just read through it and invent all these different characters. I don’t know if any of them quite worked but it was just the most amount of fun to do. I was in the studio for about forty hours over about a week and a half, because I was shooting ‘Teen Wolf’ at the same time, so I was working nights and then working in the mornings and had no sleep whatsoever. But it was all worth it, it was the most amount of fun because I got to just sit there and invent a whole world. I really enjoyed reading the book, and I knew of The Mortal Instruments, then I read The Infernal Devices and I thought they were great.

We then asked him what he thought of the fans casting him as Will Herondale, and since the film has been optioned would he ever consider playing him, giving a pretty surprising reply!

Yeah, there are actually a few roles I would love to play in that, it would be interesting. I would love to play Will, but there were so many in there that I would love to play. I’ve always been one to do the baddies, because I love baddies! But, you know it would be great! I hope it goes well because it’s a great franchise.

How about that? Daniel Sharman would love to play the villain, which I think is safe to assume that he’s referring to ‘Mortmain’!

Daniel Sharman in the studio while narrating Clockwork Princess


What do you think of Daniel being Will? or Mortmain for that matter?! Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Devon Jones

    I think he’d make a fantastic Will!!! Or either of the Lightwood boys. He’s awesome! <3

  • Leah Spring

    He doesn’t look like Will. His hair’s just wrong and his eyes aren’t dark enough. I saw in another interview that he said he’s love to be Woosley though and having listened to the audiobook he was fantastic as Woosley. I love him for Gideon too even if Gideon’s not supposed to be particularly tall…

  • Aphrodite

    I would LOVE Douglas Booth as Will. Daniel looks more like a Lightwood or even Mortmain <3

  • Mirna Villeda

    Holy cow! How am I only just reading this article NOW?!!? I think Daniel would be great for the movie :)

  • Carlee

    He’d be great as Will or Gabriel Lightwood. I could see him playing that kind of sweet but also bratty role of Gabriel, but he is so beautiful I would want him to be Will.

  • Ida

    my TID suggestions cast:

    Colton Haynes
    Thomas Dekker
    Logan Lerman

    Selena Gomez,
    Emma Watson,
    Jenna Coleman

    Anthony Neely
    Eiji Wentz

    Alice Englert
    Nina Dobrev

    Phoebe Tonkin
    Diana Agron
    Sasha Pieterse

    Rachel Weisz
    Emily Blunt

    Hugh Grant

    Simon Woods

    Burt Reynolds,
    Sacha Baron Cohen,
    Ralph Fiennes.

    Jenna Coleman,
    Alexis Bledel,
    Kaya Scodelario,
    Astrid Bergès-Frisbey

    Jake Abel
    Garret Hedlund
    Bradley James

    Liam Hemsworth
    Hunter Parrish

    Chris Hemsworth
    Joseph Morgan

    Rene Zellweger,

    Godfrey Gao, GOT IT!
    Ray Winstone

    Clemence Poesy

    David Tennant
    Matt Cohen

    Matt Smith
    Misha Collins

    ALEXI De Quincey:
    Mark Strong

    So far.. lol

  • Andreea

    I think the perfect William will be Logan Lerman and the perfect Tessa Astrid Berges-Frisbey…

  • Dejanira Dawn

    i think he’ll be a GREAT Gabe. I don’t really see him as Will, being Will has black hair.

  • Nathalia Magnago

    When I see him, I think about Gideon Lightwood. I don’t know why, but when I read about Gideon for the first time he was the actor who came in my mind. The same thing happened with Aaron Taylor-Johnson when I read about Will :)