Lauren Oliver Delirium

Delirium author Lauren Oliver announces new YA book ‘PANIC’, scheduled for release in spring 2014!

May 15, 2013

It appears as if Lauren Oliver is not done with the Young Adult genre, known best for Before I Fall and the NYT bestselling Delirium trilogy, which was optioned by FOX. A pilot for a TV show adaptation of the series was created, but unfortunately did not get picked up, although FOX still obtain the rights. Her next project sounds a lot grittier and action packed than those. During the UK Tour of Requiem Lauren revealed at a book talk that her next book, dubbed PANIC, will be scheduled for release in the Spring of 2014 and published by HarperCollins.

It’s the story of a small town in upstate New York, a small poor town, and a very dangerous game that the teens play every summer for very high stakes. It’s realistic and it’s kind of gritty, and it’s told from a boy and a girls point of view, It’s totally different from Delirium so I’m very excited about it!

So are we, Lauren! In fact, many have said that the plot sounds similar to that of The Hunger Games, with an urban feel to it. Although we doubt people will be brutally killing another to win a life of luxury, it does seem as if lives will be at stake throughout the book.

And during an online Twitter chat, Lauren also revealed that the cover of PANIC and a sneak peek would be released very soon, making fans already itch in anticipation for it.

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