Delirium pilot scrapped, read the script and sign the petition for it to be picked-up!

May 13, 2013

With the cancellation of the Delirium TV-Series, and the disappointment of fans worldwide as well as the cast and author, Lauren Oliver, herself. It appeared as if the Delirium fans would not be seeing an adaptation of one of the biggest YA trilogies any time soon, until now! Fans have banded together to create a petition for the Delirium adaptation to be picked-up once more. With already a 1000 fans signing said petition, Lauren Oliver herself has posted on it, supporting the project & politely requesting that the adaptation should transfer to motion picture or simply relinquishing the rights in order to allow other production companies to work on it. Along with this came the release of the Pilot script, and with fans itching to see what had been done with book, came mixed reviews. Lauren’s petition can be found here.

Click here to read the ‘Delirium’ pilot script!

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