‘Incarceron’ picked up again for movie adaptation after being dropped in 2012 by FOX

May 15, 2013

In June 2012 Catherine Fisher, author of ‘Incarceron’ posted this on her site:

I’m sorry to have to say that the original film option with Fox 2000 has now expired, without Fox being willing to go into production, so there won’t be an Incarceron film with this studio. However I have begun to write an Incarceron screenplay – a fascinating and challenging task!! And there are possibilities of offering this to other interested parties. I hope all you frustrated people eager for an Incarceron movie can bear to wait a little longer. At the moment the situation might be described as ‘uncertain, but still hopeful.

It seemed that a movie adaptation was highly unlikely, until recently. In March (2013) Catherine posted an update on the movie adaptation of the book:

I’m delighted to be able to tell you that I have signed a new film option for Incarceron and Sapphique with AMBER Entertainments, the producers behind The Golden Compass, the forthcoming Romeo and Juliet and many other great films. A writer has been chosen for the screenplay and I will be getting the opportunity to work very closely with him on its development, which is a wonderful privilege.

No casting decisions have been made yet, so keep those casting suggestions coming.

I have real hopes that this time we will get Finn, Claudia, Attia, Keiro and the Prison itself onto the big screen.

Originally, ‘Twilight’ star Taylor Lautner was attached to play Finn. Now that Incarceron has been picked up by another studio it appears that Lautner is no longer attached to the project.

Who would you like to see as Finn? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Tacos

    This is awesome news! Not only do I love this series and think that it will make a great film series, but I can’t say I’m not glad that Taylor Lautner is no longer attached to it. I don’t hate him or anything, but I could not picture him as Finn in the slightest. I’d really love to see some new acting talent in these roles. I really hope this goes through!

  • Graybles

    I don’t really care who plays – ‘m just glad there’s still a movie adaptation!

  • numra

    Omg this is good news. I’m glad taylor isn’t playing Finn, I never thought he fit the role well.

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  • David Miller

    Jennifer Lawrence as claudia
    Wallace Shawn or Peter dinklage as gildas
    Johnny depp as jared
    Robert downy junior as the warden
    Chloe grace moretz as attia
    Jared Padalecki as keiro
    Jake wilder as finn

  • David Miller

    Dave Franco as Finn not Jake Wilder idk why I typed that..

  • Adrian Samoans

    is that the actual cast?

  • David Miller

    No that’s just my suggestion but I’m just glad is coming out.

  • Haley Montgomery

    Yay! I legit thought that Taylor would be playing Finn…no way in heck will he ever while i’m living. I don’t really know who but I just hope it’s someone who’s at least read the book and thinks he’ll be best suited for the character because no offense I didn’t think Taylor could pull it off, I’m reading the book again now…..
    Keiro: Geez, that’s tough too. But like I said before, someone who thinks he really should be in this story lol.
    Incarceron and Sapphique RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Haley Montgomery

    I love Jared Padalecki but I don’t know about him being Keiro lol. I like the castings you’ve put together though.

  • aastha walia

    what about emma watson as claudia? also… what about alan rickman as the warden? i think he’ll fit the role amazingly well!

  • Hiba Hasan Siddiqui

    taylor lautner should still be part of it, i think he can pull this off now, it’s been 2 years now since he was first attached to the movie and he hav matured now, this role might prove the world tht Taylor can actually act

  • Isabella DiFrancesco

    I want to anybody other than someone from the twilight movies as Finn. If he’s a good, young and hot actor that will be fine.

  • Kalyn Cole

    I really hope Taylor Lautner won’t be a part of this film. Finn is supposed to be pale, with brown hair, brown eyes, and freckles. He’s been kept in Incarceron for a long time and would be pretty frail. Lautner is way too jacked to play Finn. (Not to mention he wouldn’t look a thing like him.) In my opinion, the actor playing Finn should be someone new, someone we either haven’t seen before, or haven’t seen much of. New talent is a necessity.

  • Larissa chesser

    Theres still a chance that Taylor could be part of it and I hope he does get the role for Finn. I’m not a fan of Twilight series but I do like Taylor as an actor. and even though the Twi-series got him noticed in hollywood I believe they, in a way, ruined him for better roles b/c all the see is a character from a cheesey supernatural chick flick. I not only think that Taylor playing Finn would bring out a great character but would also good for Taylor in getting out of Twilights shadow.

  • aastha walia

    dylan o’brien as finn???

  • Stephani watson

    It’s been month since i had heard anything about the movie…are they still working on making a film?

  • Bonbon82

    I always pictured Finn looking like Eddy Redmayne.

  • Tatiana

    I would love seeing Logan Lerman as Finn, Liam Hemsworth as Keiro, Lily Collins as Claudia, Kevin Spacey as the Warden, Matthew Morrison or Peter Facinelli as Jared, Chloe Grace as attia and Robin Williams as Gildas .

  • Meow

    This is so sad, taking so much time!