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Dean Koontz’s novel ‘Odd Thomas’ may never be seen in theaters

May 30, 2013

UPDATE: Click to learn about the monetary dispute halting this project!

Dean Koontz revealed in his Spring 2013 letter the unfortunate news that the film adaptation of his novel Odd Thomas may never see the light of day. Odd Thomas was set to be released in September 2013, starring Anton Yelchin as Odd Thomas, and Addison Timlin as Stormy Llewellyn. The movie has been made, and has received a stamp of approval from Dean Koontz, but is now stuck in limbo due to a lawsuit. You can click here to read all about the issues this movie is facing.

Deeply Odd is the next book in the Odd Thomas series. It was released in hard cover and e-book on the 28th, and has been dedicated to Stephen Sommers, the director of Odd Thomas, for all of his hard work and dedication to the project. Based on the quality of the trailer, it looks like it would have been a really great movie! Watch the trailer to Odd Thomas below and let us know in the comments what you think of this project being shelved.

Nevertheless, even if it might not be released in theaters it could still be directly released onto DVD/Blu-ray/instant video, so don’t lose hope!

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  • Julie Campbell

    but I don’t get it. Why won’t it see the day of light? There certainly have an audience for it.

  • Cheryl Holtsberry Gonzalez

    Odd is the best! I really want to see him on the big screen.

  • Appraising Pages

    There’s a lawsuit going on between two production companies regarding the project, one promised to find the costs of advertising and distributing the film and didn’t follow through. I think that’s the hold up.

  • jim

    I guess the headline was a prompt for us to go find out why. The article surely never told us.

  • Stephanie Sheeler
  • Adam

    The movie has already been leaked online,FYI. Fear not. If Odd Thomas fans want to watch it now, they can.

  • Pinback_Sherman

    I saw it today in Thailand.

  • Pinback_Sherman

    I saw it in Thailand today and it was great. I wondered why I haven’t heard anything about it in the States.

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  • IEF

    The movie is already on torrents sites…………………………………….

  • hmschlmom

    Being a huge ODDIE fan, I can’t wait to see this! I hear nothing but good things…

  • Kathy Brem

    I want to see this movie!!

  • Supanimit Jindarak

    Love the movie ,love this version , OH perfecto!

  • Jon DeVault

    …where can it be found???

  • ASH

    Discovered the book by accident, thought it was amazing. Then couldn’t wait to read more about the character after Pico Munda, was excited to wait for the movie as had a good cast and writer director.
    So SAD due to money problems about distribution and crooked financiers, that the court case may mean it’ll never be released not this month or ever. Just watched the movie, would have waited. MUST congratulate everyone from the cast, Mr Koontz and Mr Sommers, it was a faithful and brilliant adaptation. So pissed how money men fakes have stifled creativity yet again and a greater audience will miss out on the story. WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND YOU MAGGOTS, SO WATCH YOUR BACKS…..

  • brooklyn23

    I read this book by dean kootnz (however you spell his name) Thus far this is the best book that I have read. I didnt even know they made a movie until today, I was browsing at this website I watch free movies at and I saw this. I said to myself let me give this a go. Im sadden this didnt make it to the movies, watching this movie felt like I was reading the book all over again. This depicted the book exactly. I got emotional just as I did when I read the book. How many movies based on books nails it on the dot? The actors/actresses were great. The main character that played Thomas did a great job. Mr dafoe as well as the actress that played Thomas girlfriend so cute and witty like in the book. Everyone played their part well. I give this from a scale of 1 to 10 a 10+

  • David Fitzpatrick

    Have just watched this movie & thought it was a very good film & would make a excellent TV series, I thought the main characters were deserving of a series around this plot !

  • nn55nn

    Saw the movie the other day. For it genre I thought it was very good.
    There are several very good actors in this movie !