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Want to know why Lauren Oliver’s ‘Delirium’ and Kiera Cass’ ‘The Selection’ pilots were cancelled?! Read it here!

In the month of pilot seasons, everything is touch and go, as all pilot episodes are handed in and considered by executive producers from each production company, it feels as if the wait is forever until they announce their verdict. Sadly, the news that came with the Delirium and The Selection pilots were not good. Both were cancelled and scrapped, along with many others and disappointing fans worldwide. With such a huge online buzz, and equally enormous followings from both fan-bases for the books, it seemed as if the Delirium and The Selection series’ were a done deal.

Earlier today Entertainment Weekly posted an entire list of some of the most shocking pilots to be rejected, along with reasons why, Delirium and The Selection being in that list.

According to the Article, Delirium was found to feel “too young” for FOX’s usual audience, deciding against it. While with The Selection it was said to be similar to the soap series Reign, which is reportedly liked more by the executives at The CW, despite this being the second attempt at creating a Pilot for the best-selling book.

Do you think Delirium was too young for FOX audiences? Or do you think The CW made a mistake picking Reign instead of The Selection? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Donte-Aro Voltaire McNeal

    Too young? I’m sorry, but I disagree. They were just fishing for a reason not to follow through with a show everyone wanted to see…

  • Kurtis Wheatley


  • Danielle V

    Maybe Delirium is “too young” for the “usual” audience but Delirium would get them more ratings and new viewers.

  • Sandy Shoubash

    i had a chance to read the pilot after i heard it was canceled and as a fan of the book i have to say i’m glad they canceled it. the story was different and so were the character and not in a good way. they made Julian into a pervert who likes to watch people undress and Lena and Alex’s scenes where awkward and unconformable to read

  • Sara Baldi

    I think they should have picked up The Selection instead of Reign… like seriously!

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  • Milena Moretin

    Well, I read both novels and I think that Delirium wasn’t finished, maybe because Lauren Oliver was expecting it to become a tv series, and than she would give it a decent “The end”. I loved the sneak peaks of Reign but I didn’t get the chance to watch it, so I can’t say if it’s better or worse than The Selection. I can say that I finished reading the books and I started dreaming about who would be the best actors to every character, and I didn’t know anything about the chance to become a show, so I think that if CW refused it, they should keep trying, the fans want to see this history on screen. #Brasilhere

  • Mia Fonte

    I want to see The Selection in the movie theater. I’ve read the books and they’re amazing!!!!!! i would watch the movie a million times and buy it! As long as the movie does the book justice

  • Analyn Gonzalez

    Omg!! I just got done reading the books and im obsessed over the selection! ! Just make it a movie and see if it did good!! If it did make a sequel!! And then a show. If it didn’t do good, still make a sequel. And then a tv show!! Dont leave the fans hanging!! Pleasee!!!