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7 more new stills have arrived from ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’

BY THE ANGEL!!!! We have seven more new stills adding to the 5 more from yesterday! Thanks to ClarissaFrayes on Tumblr and for posting these amazing new shots!! Good thing I’m up at 5 AM! Enjoy! We’ll chat later. ;)








Who literally couldn’t breathe after that?! I don’t think I can take much more, SO many stills today!
This is just crazy! How are you loving these images?

Click here to see the five other new stills that were released yesterday!

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  • Yesenia

    Does she dress slutty in the books too? I don’t remember that

  • Natasha Polis

    No she doesn’t, but the leather is Shadowhunter gear, and the dress is from Isabelle’s closet! So of course it’s a bit more raunchy!

  • Jenny

    most of the pics are great i’m totally not complaining it’s just disappointing in the first picture it’s like she didn’t even put into consideration that Isabelle small breast and that Jace is really skinny so you absolutely do not give Isabelle the worlds baggiest shirt and no heels and give Jace long leather jacket to give him a more narrow look but for Simon,Clary,and of course Alec spot on!!!

  • Jenny

    in the books Isabelle is so much taller than Clary that her shirt can be made into a dress and as you can see in the pictures Clary is clearly taller the Isabelle idk how they are going to do that but yes that is her party dress which is supposed to be extremely short :D

  • Brandon Meacham

    “Why so Serious?”

  • Portia Ertley-Sumpter

    I have to agree with Jenny about Isabelle. In the books, its like no matter what she was wearing, she always looked amazing and sexy. And Clary wasn’t running around dressed in black looking better than Isabelle. I am really indescribably excited about the movie, but I am one of those people that notice things like that. Its like they have tried to tone Isabelle down a notch or two, and knock Clary up a level of sexy or two.

  • Taylor Malia

    I would’ve like Alexis Knapp as Isabelle and Jacqueline Emerson as Clary. But I’m excited for the movie nonetheless.

  • Lindsay Mead

    The girl playing Isabelle isn’t as pretty as I expected for the character. Everyone else is way hotter than I anticipated.

  • Jake

    If you can look past the small and petty details, I have faith that every fan of this series will enjoy the movie. The biggest indicator is that they’ve already started working on City of Ashes, which means it must be good, and they’re intending it to be a big blockbuster. That’s what I’m telling myself.

  • EmilyGracie

    Love them! :)

  • Lucy

    I know a lot of you think Jace is the dogs bollocks, but I think this actor is gormless. He looks like a rat.

  • Brittany Kennedy

    wooooooooooooo Jamie Campbell Bower with his shirt off. Sweet baby jesus!!! Still not how i imagined Isabelle or Alec looking though. The shadowhunter clothing looks awesome. Clary is not supposed to look hotter than Isabelle in any way and Isabelle is supposed to be taller.

  • Amanda Martin

    With the way Alec dresses, I’m surprised no one realized he was gay.

    JCB is too skinny. Wish Alex Pettyfer hadn’t been a prat and done this.

  • nickiedanielle

    I thought Isabelle and Jace were supposed to be ATTRACTIVE??!!

  • Katie

    Seriously! Alec is so much hotter! Lets see him with his shirt off!

  • Elizabeth Powers

    Remember that the story is told mainly from Clary’s perspective. Just because she perceives Isabelle to be more beautiful and put together at all times doesn’t mean that she actually is.

  • Natasha Polis

    Let’s just wait and see if her personality will be big onscreen!!

  • Natasha Polis

    Let’s all calm ourselves! We have yet to see the movie!

  • Natasha Polis

    Thank you!

  • Natasha Polis

    Really good point, better costuming would have help a lot with character image building!

  • jen

    Pretty unfeministic comment there but whatever.

  • jen

    JcB is ‘too skinny’ have you seen the first image??????!!
    Jace isn’t even supposed to be some sort of hulk man he’s supposed to be slim but toned and I’m pretty damn sure JCB has pulled that look off.

    & you might be happy with Alex pettyfer but 99% of the fandom think he’s an idiot and a bad actor. So no we do not all wish he’d ‘done this’
    Do one with your childish whinging

  • clare

    Your no oil painting yourself darling so don’t see why your commenting like your opinion on their looks matter

  • Taylor

    Why is Clary holding some kind of gun? Correct me if I’m wrong but Shadowhunters don’t use guns…

  • Natasha Polis

    It’s not a gun, it’s like a dart gun, but with huge metal darks! Like a cross between a cross bow and an electric screw driver!

  • Kimberly Kay Kelley

    Based on looks alone I think the casting is off. But it really all about the chemistry. Personally I really wanted Clary to be the petite firecracker I invisioned.

  • ffs


  • Ida

    alexis knapp would be perfect as isabelle

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  • Jenny

    thank you i was afraid i was the only one thinking that!!! my parents own a haunted house and i am the costume designer and you can’t just throw something on someone and expect it to work and i just feel like that what they did here with most of them

  • Jenny

    i do wish Alex was Jace but i will keep my eyes open since Cassandra thought Jamie was the perfect Jace and i also think Alex is getting a little too old for teen roles although i also think Jamie doesn’t look 17