Odd Thomas

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‘Odd Thomas’ adaptation may never hit theaters due to monetary dispute

June 24, 2013

We now have an update on the ill-fated movie Odd Thomas, and what’s causing it to be stuck in limbo. It turns out it’s due to a monetary dispute between two production companies behind the film; one of them is not paying up! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Two Out Of Ten production company (TOOT) and Fusion Films had filed a lawsuit back in January that continues to postpone the release of Stephen Sommers’ film adaptation of Odd Thomas , a novel written by Dean Koontz. The lawsuit had been filed because OMG (Outsource Media Group) had promised producers $35 million to cover marketing prints and other advertising leading up to the release of the film, and money to pay back production loans. Through many meetings, missed deadlines, and second chances, the producers have not seen the money they were promised.

The Unofficial Odd Thomas Movie Facebook page has reported a straight to DVD release on June 17th in Hungary. We may not see Odd Thomas on the big screen, but if the DVD had just come out in Hungry, there is hope for a straight to DVD release in the United States as well. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Let us know what you think of this ongoing dispute in the comments below. Odd Thomas stars Anton Yelchin, and tells the story of a clairvoyant short-order cook working in a desert town who encounters a potentially dangerous and very mysterious man.


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