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Jennifer L. Armentrout blogs about her novel ‘Obsidian’ becoming a movie

July 23, 2013

Jennifer L. Armentrout, author of the Lux series, has now blogged about the exciting news that Obsidian has been optioned for film! It is a very awesome blog post, complete with reaction gifs! Yesterday The Hollywood Reporter revealed the news that Sierra Pictures had gotten the rights to the first novel in her series. We’ll see, when books are optioned it can often take a while for them to actually be made or enter pre-production (sometimes they are never made at all). With the legions of fans however, I’m thinking this one could be a success.

1. Can I be in the movie?
I, as the author, will have no control over that. There are websites ( I don’t know them) dedicated to listing casting calls. They will be your best bet)
2. Is Onyx, Opal and so on going to be a movie?
At this point, that would be jumping the gun. It will all depend on if Obsidian makes it to the screen and how well it does.
3. Will I have creative say over the movie.
Probably not. But I’m okay with that. I understand that somethings have to be changed to translate onto film.
4. Who is going to play Daemon Black.
No clue. Some hot guy I am sure. And casting won’t happen for a while.
5. How can I help?
Keep supporting the Lux series!

Which brings me to my next little section.
None of this, and I mean none of this, would’ve been possible without every single person out there that read Obsidian and shared it with another person who then shared it with another person. Because of each of you and your love (or love/hate *tee hee*) of Obsidian and Daemon Black, this has become possible. So thank you for being awesome readers.
Of course, thank you to the team at Sierra Pictures for reading and deciding they wanted Obsidian. I’d give each of you an awkward hug if I could. And also a big shout out to the Entangled Teen team, to my agent Kevan Lyon and the wonderful film agent Brandy Rivers. *HUGS*

Click here to read her full blog post!

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